The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Fence Builders


Erecting and designing a fence can provide a security barrier and help create an excellent living or working space. Installing a residential or commercial fence depends on the property type and how an individual uses the property. Contractors usually make residential fencing for homes and small residences. In contrast, commercial fencing, as shown in the video, has a different purpose, and individuals would require it for a larger project. Here are the key differences between residential and commercial fence builders.

The first key difference is the material used in construction.

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Residential fences are mainly constructed of wood and steel, while the commercial ones are made of vinyl, aluminum, composite materials, and other popular materials in the market today. Therefore, if you intend to install a fence that can withstand weather conditions and act as a security barrier for your business or home, you would need a commercial wall.

The other key difference between residential and commercial fence builders is the space they use to construct a fence. Residential fencers will usually build in an area that does not take a lot of space and are for single-family homes or small estates. On the contrary, commercial fence builders erect fences along the perimeter of businesses, factories, warehouses, and other large establishments.

The key difference between residential and commercial fence builders is the material they use to construct the fences, the space used to erect them, and the purpose for which building owners erect the wall. What an individual chooses will depend on what purpose they have in mind as well as their budget.

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