The Importance of Investing In Production Machines

Screen Tumbler


The efficiency of factory operations is imperative to business success. Products must be produced in a quick and high quality matter in order to be fit for sale. The process of maintaining quality can have many different internal procedures. When producing food, sometimes the size, density, and shape of each food item must be uniform and identical. Depending on what needs to be done to each product to maintain quality, there might need to be multiple machines in factory in order to aid in efficiency.

Vibratory screeners are a common machine for food production in which ingredients need to be separated, or when smaller particles need to be removed from larger particles. There are two general types of screening with vibratory screeners, which are dry and wet. Each follow a similar procedure of separating finished product from intermediary product. This is a vital part of food production as it ensures a clean finished product without excess unwanted ingredients getting into packaging. High frequency vibrating screeners have fixed frames in which the screen cloth only vibrates to separate smaller particles. Screens can come in multiple sizes, from 3mm down to +150 mesh for extremely small particles. A machine manufacturer can offer many sizes and custom parts depending on what the factory is producing.

Vibratory screeners are also used as size reduction machine, turning all big particles into smaller ones. This is commonly used for materials that are not hard enough for the use of a pulverizer. Softer materials mostly only need vibrating energy in order to break apart. This is how many necessary ingredients are made in food production, and can be the most efficient method of production. However, for some ingredients tumbling drums are used for this same purpose. Tumbling drums break up large clumps of particles that are already uniform. This can also break apart food items that are stuck together from sugary substances. They may also take off shells or unwanted coatings.

The presence of new high quality machines such as vibratory screeners, pulverizers, and tumbling drums is important if a factory is expected to produce high quality products.

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