The Unique and Long History of Hair

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Before heading in for your next hair treatment at a hair salon Virginia, why don’t you stop to think about the history of hair? Hair treatments like those you will receive at a hair salon Virginia have been around for centuries, and the history is pretty interesting.

The first historical fact found in history books about hair dates back to 1762. That history fact revolves around the use of the word shampoo.

The word shampoo did not always have the meaning it does today. The first use of the word shampoo was in 1762, and it was used in reference to massages. It wasn’t until the 1860s that the word’s meaning changed. The word was changed from meaning to massage to soaping up the hair with air to clean.

Shampooing the hair isn’t the only hair salon Virginia treatment that has an interesting history. Common procedures performed in a hair salon arlington va, such as hair curling, crimping, and hair growth procedures all have a rather unique and interesting history.

When a hair salon Virginia is creating beautiful hair styles that involve curls, they are actually using a device that dates back to 1892. Marcel Grateau invented and patented the first thermal method for curling hair. Thermal heating is used to curl the hair, and is what produces those bouncy, light curls. Today, the curling iron used by hair salons in virginia may look different than the 1892 version, but they still operate on the same thermal heating method.

The flat iron that is used by the hair salon virginia to create waves also has a unique history. Karl Nessler invented and patented the first wave machine for hair in 1909 and it was just as popular as it was today. Imagine having to use that machine on a woman with the world’s longest hair that measured 18 feet!

Be grateful for the modern hair growth procedures that are available today at a Arlington VA hair salon. If you were losing hair in the 16th century you would have to undergo a rather unpleasant procedure. A doctor claimed that he held the secret to hair regrowth. All you had to do was place olive oil, boiled slugs, honey, soap, and other items on your hair and it would regrow!

Next time you are visiting a hair salon Virginia, think about all the unique history that surrounded you.


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