Using an internet marketing agency

Advertising and marketing agencies

Research shows that companies that use blogging as one of their marketing tools have over 400 percent more indexed pages, which gets them a ton more leads. When it comes to Google searches, about 18 percent of organic clicks go to the number 1 position, 10 percent go to the number 2 position, and 7 percent go to third place. Online sales were expected to hit about 2 billion dollars for 2012 Cyber Monday, which was an increase of 18 percent from the year before. Over 41 percent of B2C companies have acquired a customer through Facebook, and about twenty percent of FB users have purchased a product after either reading a friends comment about the product or seeing an ad for it on the social media site.

What does all this mean to you? It means that, if you want your business to succeed on the web, it is important that you review advertising and marketing agencies available to you, and choose a local online marketing agency that can help you bolster your social media presence so that you can bring in the customers that you need to grow your company.

Reach out to an internet marketing agency, and let them show you how they can improve your sales. Developing a business without an internet marketing agency is almost like staying in the stone age. Find a great internet marketing agency available to you, and help your business reach its full potential.


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