What Are the Safety Benefits of Cable Seals?

When you need to ensure the safety and security of your fiber optic cables, you’re going to need to invest in some cable seals. And when hermetic feedthrough is part of the equation, a standard bulkhead connector just won’t do. Here are a few of the benefits of cable seals for the security of your cables.

More Design Flexibility

When you need fiber optic seals, it’s important that you have a flexible solution that can be custom fit to your specific needs. Your cable seals need to be able to function properly within the scope of the project you’re working on. Fortunately, custom cable seals can offer just that. When you describe your fiber optic needs, a cable seal supplier should be able to help you find a product that’s going to work the best for your project. This will ensure that your cables have the best, most secure system in place to function properly for years to come.

Preventing Electrical Issues

When you’re working with wires and cables, electrical issues are the absolute last thing you want to happen. This is yet another reason why cable seals are so incredibly important as a safety measure. Better yet, a custom cable seal can provide superior results when it comes to reducing the likelihood of electrical problems with your project. Voltage drop and contact resistance can sometimes happen with traditional bulkhead connectors, which makes hermetically sealed connection an absolute must. When you invest in a great cable seal, you’re ensuring superior electrical performance from your cables.

Increased Durability

When you invest in a cable seal solution, durability should be one of the most important factors you look at. If you invest in a cable seal solution and it breaks down within a few years, you could be in serious trouble. Hermetically sealed cables are designed to last a lifetime without losing any effectiveness or function. This not only becomes a cost-saver, but a safety feature, too.

Working with cables can be a tricky business. When you invest in great cable seal options, you’re investing in the safety of your project and the people who interact with those cables.

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