What to Expect With Your Forklift Rental

A forklift rental can be a planned part of your business operations, or an immediate need brought on by damaged equipment or unexpected demands. Whatever the reason, you’re now in need of a forklift. The attached video will walk you through what you can expect with your forklift rental, so you’ll know what you’re walking into and can get exactly what you need.

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Forklifts can be rented daily, weekly, or even monthly, depending on your needs. Renting from a dealership which typically rents out forklifts for industrial or commercial use comes with the requirement of having a one million dollar liability insurance policy on it, as well as completing a credit application. Once you’re approved, your rental rate will be determined based on how long you’ll need the equipment for.

General maintenance is included in the rate you’re given, however you may incur other maintenance costs while the forklift is in your possession. Scratches, torn seats, and knocked-loose lighting are some of the most common damages, but these can often be avoided with careful driving.

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