What To Expect With Your Heating Oil Delivery Service

Many homeowners and commercial property owners rely on heating oil to keep their properties warm and safe during the winter. Many heating systems burn multiple gallons of heating oil per day, so property owners must keep hundreds or thousands of gallons of fuel oil on their properties. Transporting this much fuel is best left to professional heating oil delivery services.

In the video posted here, the owner of a heating oil delivery business shows what it’s like to get a fuel oil delivery. He has a specialized truck that allows him to transport large volumes of heating oil safely, allowing him to make multiple deliveries in one trip.

Video Source

The fuel oil tank on the back of the truck includes a 30-foot hose with an attachment that fits home or commercial fuel oil tanks. It also includes a certified meter that tracks the number of gallons pumped from the truck.

When the fuel is delivered to the customer, it is pumped from the truck directly into the property owner’s tank with the flow rate monitored by the certified meter. The delivery driver makes note of the transaction amount and gives the property owner a receipt.

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