What to Know About Portable Sign Stands

If you have a place of business of any sort, you’ve probably considered using signs to advertise or you are already. The importance of using signs should not be overlooked. It’s easy to think that a customer comes to the store with their shopping list and gets what’s on the list, but actually between six to ten items that a customer buys can be considered impulse purchases. That means the better the placement of displays and signs, the more sales you can make regardless of what your customer thought they needed. Around 82 percent of all purchasing decisions are made while in the store.

When you are using different types of signs in a store or place of business it’s crucial to make sure that you have the right kind of portable sign stands. Using the right type of display stands and display racks can mean the difference between getting someone’s attention or not. There are a variety of different types of portable sign stands. Ideally, they will be of great quality to last you multiple uses and remain sturdy in their space

Near the front of the store, you might consider using a floor standing sign holders. These support larger images and can be helpful for sharing promotional information or featuring items that might be on sale. Similarly, you might end up using glass door business signs to entice people into the store with promotional copy. Signs are great for selling items that are full-priced too. Some research has shown that full-priced merchandise performs around 18 percent better when it is featured on signs than when it is not. It’s just a simple truth that the more visible something is in a store, the more likely it is that someone will buy it.

If you are creating more creative signage you might consider getting some custom retail sign holders made to best showcase what you’re offering. The more you can do to make the display look cohesive in your space but still get the attention you need, the better your sales will be. There is always an investment at the beginning when you’re adding in more marketing materials, but when it’s done right there will always be a payoff on the other side that makes it all worth it.

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