What’s The Secret To A Successful Modern Business?

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What’s the selling point businesses rely on to push their products? Some would say it’s the quality of any given item that keeps customers coming back for more. Others would say it’s the graphic design that snags attention and forms the backbone of a successful brand. Would you believe that custom corrugated boxes play a major role? Be they cardboard displays or custom boxes with logo, how you package and deliver an item goes a long way in formulating a positive opinion about what your business has to offer. Woe betide the business that has an angry client base due to damaged or lost shipments! Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of custom corrugated boxes and how they can be the number one element of your burgeoning or expanding brand.

What Is Corrugated Packaging?

In a globalized and increasingly more demanding world, many services and products boil down to timely shipments, carefully protected items and easily accessible information. Corrugated packaging is considered the largest segment of the packaging industry, with well over 1,500 box plants in the United States alone. Not only does this field help numerous small and large businesses with designing and shipping efficient cartons and boxes, it helps the environment by relying heavily on recycled materials. The year 2012 saw a stunning 90% of all containerboard produced by recovered and reused materials, replacing conventional methods through more conscientious and affordable means.

How Has It Changed Conventional Methods?

With over 70,000 people employed in the corrugated industry, it’s unlikely we’ll revert to previous methods of marketing and shipping any time soon. Corrugated packaging has been both a cost-efficient and environmentally aware choice for the past 100 years, with well over 90% of products in North America being either delivered or displayed using custom corrugated displays and boxes. Due to landfills being a significant strain on the environment, even recycling one ton of cardboard will reduce at least nine cubic yards of landfill space. As the world gets larger and industries more demanding, recycling is a necessity to help both businesses and nature thrive.

How Does Corrugated Packaging Affect My Business?

Did you know 70% of all purchasing decisions are made in-store? Due to the overwhelming influential power of design and packaging, customers who find themselves on the receiving end of lackluster or dull custom corrugated boxes or displays will be less inclined to stick around. A recent article in Packaging Digest even saw that a consumer decision can be boiled down to a mere five seconds browsing shelves, which means that a little effort really does go a long way! Using corrugated packaging methods is as simple as changing your manufacturers and the materials used in creating your products. After all, retail packaging design and pallet displays should be increasing your chance of making money, not reducing it!

How Can I Use Corrugated Packaging?

Using custom corrugated packaging methods are the economical and affordable method for businesses that want to be financially secure as well as environmentally savvy. Not only do you have the luxury of crafting your boxes, displays and general packaging to the smallest detail, they are routinely more lightweight and flexible than conventional methods. Thanks to linerboard lightweighting, corrugated cardboard has had a 10% weight reduction over the past few years. If you’re interested in saving your business money and encouraging a more loyal customer base, consider changing your manufacturer to support long-term custom corrugated boxes and displays.

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