Why Use Green Cleaning Products

Green janitorial services

Finding green janitorial services should be our top priority when looking in to any kind of cleaning services whether it be church, office, park, street, home or school cleaning. Green janitorial services are not something to be overlooked because they can be what determines the health of the people that attend that establishment. Too often we overlook the important of staying environmentally friendly and think that it’s not as crucial as people make it out to be. However, our world is slowly deteriorating and everything that we can do as a human race to preserve our planet is extremely necessary. There are simple things that we can do such a recycling and reusing and cleaning with green agents instead of chemicals is just one of those ways. While there are many benefits to cleaning with eco friendly products, there are a few groups that particularly will enjoy the effects of a green cleaning agent, whether they will recognize it or not. Let’s look at a few of those who benefit from ensuring green janitorial services at your business or organization.

Yes, this refers to our planet. Some of the chemicals that are used in non green janitorial services are so toxic to our environment and the world around us they should not be allowed. Most of the problem with these types of cleaning agents is that they are not disposed of properly. Empty cleaning bottles are thrown in regular trashes and the chemicals that were inside them are washed down drains and join up with our water supply after being used. This contaminates our water as well as trash disposal sites. If cleaners disposed of the elements efficiently then there might be less reason to have to find organic cleaners. However, there are still some other benefits to green cleaning.

This includes the people that are constantly in and out of the establishment whether it is residents, workers, customers, students, etc as well as the trash pick up services and the other people involved in waste separation and recycling. Not only that, but it protects the cleaner themselves. Using green products will keep everyone safe from harmful and hazardous toxins that can build up in the air and in the bottles that they are kept in. Some people are unaware as to how many chemicals and toxins they are breathing in and how it is affecting their body. Over time, they hazardous and toxic poisons will eat away at our body’s natural systems and cause them to work inefficiently. This makes way for illnesses, disease and ailments that could have otherwise been avoided.

There are some types of chemicals that actually will eat away at the plaster, carpet and other areas of a physical building. This compromises the building’s structure going all the way down to the foundation. Using environmentally friendly products will protect the establishment and not compromise it’s integrity in any way. Even just the fumes can get into the walls and floors and fester there, slowly but surely deteriorating them. Green products will never do any damage to physical elements and will only do the job that they are prescribed to do- clean. There’s no point in cleaning over and over again if you are going to be destroying the actual building in the process.

Green products might require a little more elbow grease to get the job done properly but it is worth it. Having said that, some green products are even easier to use. For example, if you are trying to clean your bath tub, bleaching it requires a mask, a scrubby and gloves and you’ll still have to scrub to get some of the heavier set grime off. But, if you mix vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle and simply spray it all over the bath tub, you can leave it for 20 minutes or there about and when you come back, the grime will wipe right off with hardly any work required at all.

Even if it doesn’t seem like those around you appreciate or notice your switch to green products, you can take comfort in knowing that you are saving them from harm that they would definitely notice had you continued to use the chemicals.

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