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Helping Families in Need Is a Great Way to Contribute to Your Community

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What are the best charities to donate to

You think that you have finally figured out the problem with the laundry.
You have too much.
Not just that you have too much laundry, but that you have too much in your closets.
With the exception of your husband who makes it a habit to go through his clothes at least once every two or three months, the rest of you in the house simply have too many clothes. From clothes in your closet that have not fit for years to super sale items that your teenage daughters just thought that they had to have, every closet in your house is jammed full. Your husband’s closet is neat and organized on the top rack where he keeps all of the clothes that he wears, however, the bottom rack is an entirely different story. When the clean clothes are hung and come upstairs from the laundry room, t

How To Improve Employee Retention

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Staffing agency

Getting and keeping a job can be difficult, and many people turn to working a temp job until they are able to find more long lasting employment. However, in part due to many people looking for a temp job instead of long term work, employers are also finding difficult employing people in a long lasting way.

High rates of employee turnover is not only damaging for the employees who can only find a temp job, but for the employers as well. In fact, high rates of employee turnover has been shown to lose large amounts of money – over ten billion dollars in the course of just a year for companies in the United States. And this problem is wide spread, with over 50% (nearly 60%) of all companies and businesses citing employee turnover rates as problematic within and for their organization. Human resource profes