How To Improve Employee Retention

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Getting and keeping a job can be difficult, and many people turn to working a temp job until they are able to find more long lasting employment. However, in part due to many people looking for a temp job instead of long term work, employers are also finding difficult employing people in a long lasting way.

High rates of employee turnover is not only damaging for the employees who can only find a temp job, but for the employers as well. In fact, high rates of employee turnover has been shown to lose large amounts of money – over ten billion dollars in the course of just a year for companies in the United States. And this problem is wide spread, with over 50% (nearly 60%) of all companies and businesses citing employee turnover rates as problematic within and for their organization. Human resource professionals in particular note that this is an issue, with nearly half of them saying that employee retention is followed closely only by employee engagement when it comes to problems that companies and businesses are facing in our world today. In fact, over 20% of new hires will actually leave the position within less than two months of being hired, at around forty five days, if not sooner.

Fortunately, there are ways to efficiently and effectively hire new employees for more than just temp jobs. While hiring an employee to work a temp job can be ideal for businesses and companies that survive off of seasonal employees (take retail jobs, for example, during which the holiday season is often too busy for the regular employees to handle without additional, though temporary, help). But for those looking to staff your team or staff your business with long term employees, looking at a staffing agency can help to find the ideal fit for the open position. After all, many people leave a job simply because it is not the right fit for them. Staffing agencies can help to prevent that, looking at a candidate from all angles before sending them to interview for your open position. In fact, many employment agencies look at all of a candidate’s accessible social media profiles before taking them on as a client in order to get a better picture of the candidate as a person so as to know what and who they will be working with.

Companies and businesses themselves can also take a number of steps in order to increase the rates of employee retention. Employee recognition programs, for example, can do wonders for employee morale and engagement (which in turn do wonders for long term employee retention). In fact, over 86% of companies that instituted an employee recognition program say that they saw a noticeable increase in employee satisfaction and happiness.

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