Helping Families in Need Is a Great Way to Contribute to Your Community

What are the best charities to donate to

You think that you have finally figured out the problem with the laundry.
You have too much.
Not just that you have too much laundry, but that you have too much in your closets.
With the exception of your husband who makes it a habit to go through his clothes at least once every two or three months, the rest of you in the house simply have too many clothes. From clothes in your closet that have not fit for years to super sale items that your teenage daughters just thought that they had to have, every closet in your house is jammed full. Your husband’s closet is neat and organized on the top rack where he keeps all of the clothes that he wears, however, the bottom rack is an entirely different story. When the clean clothes are hung and come upstairs from the laundry room, they are shoved in your husband’s closet, and since your closet and your daughter’s are far too full, none of the three of you are ever in a rush to get your clothes out of Dad’s Closet and move them where they belong.
About once a month, sometimes once a week, your husband throws out an ultimatum. Either get all of your clothes out of his closet or he will get rid of them. It is not an empty threat. The girls know that their husband personally knows the names of people who work at the closest clothing drop off locations. The fact that their father frequents these clothing drop off locations means that the girls know their own items will be in danger if they do not take care of their clean and hanging clothing.
There is probably some validity to the fact that your husband thinks that all of the females in the house have too many clothes. Without a worry about running out, it seems like the girls go through their clothes with reckless abandon. Your husband, on the other hand, has less laundry than any one else in the house, even though he works out every morning before work.
Making Clothes Donations Can Help You Eliminate Clutter and Help Those Less Fortunate
Charitable clothing donations are easy to make. From handy corner drop off locations to even more convenient pick up services, it is easy to make sure that the extra items that you have are put to a better use. Consider some of these facts and figures about the donations that many people make and the impact that these donations have on society, as well as the nation’s economy:

  • Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year. Many of these items might be a perfect fit for those families who are most in need.
  • 45% of recycled clothing is worn as secondhand clothing.
  • Unfortunately, the average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles every year.
  • Knowing where to donate household items and clothing can help you make more room in your home while at the same time helping those who are much less fortunate.
  • Clothing drop off locations make it easy to help those who struggle to find a warm coat in the winter and a different pair of shoes when the youngest child in the family has a growth spurt.
  • In the year 2014, total giving to charitable organizations was $358.38 billion. This is an amount that benefited a number of people and groups all across the country.

Is it time for you to do something about all of the laundry at your house and the crowded closets in your home? If so, it might be time to make sure that you take the time to get rid of the clothes that you no longer wear and donate them to the closet clothing drop off locations. Whether it means that you need to clean out your closet, or your husband’s, or your child’s, making the decision to donate the shoes, slacks, dress shirts, and other items that you no longer use is always a step in the right direction.
Knowing where and when to donate clothes is a valuable skill, and taking time to think of others can help you live a simpler life.

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