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Private Jets Offer a Number of Benefits Over Commercial Airlines

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This is the life. After flying commercial for every business trip during the last 35 years, you have now realized how the other half lives. You never realized, in fact, how many different types of private jets there were. After retirement, however, you landed a consulting job with a company that requires so much travel they employ three of their own pilots. With a corporate jet that is used for most of the trips, you have found that there are many benefits to executive private jet charters. Two of the pilots the company works with, however, fly their own planes, so while you are typically on the company owned jets, you have also been on at least two different types of private jets.<

The Problem Of Employee Retention In The United States

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As Dallas temp agencies can tell you, finding the right person for a job is hugely important. A Human Resources recruiter does this work on a daily basis, constantly trying to find the right candidate to fill a position, often at high powered levels. But as any Human Resources recruiter can also say, it can be hugely difficult to find the right fit, and even when someone is ultimately selected to fill the role, there is no guarantee that they will stay in the position on a long term basis.

In fact, job retention rates have become something of a problem all throughout the United States, with more than half of companies viewing it as a problem and poor job retention costing eleven billion each year. With millennials and active and important part of the workforce as it is today, it has become more common to continue to consider other positions even as you are employed at one. Millennials are even often referred to as the job hopping generation, so to speak. This is directly linked to the