The Problem Of Employee Retention In The United States

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As Dallas temp agencies can tell you, finding the right person for a job is hugely important. A Human Resources recruiter does this work on a daily basis, constantly trying to find the right candidate to fill a position, often at high powered levels. But as any Human Resources recruiter can also say, it can be hugely difficult to find the right fit, and even when someone is ultimately selected to fill the role, there is no guarantee that they will stay in the position on a long term basis.

In fact, job retention rates have become something of a problem all throughout the United States, with more than half of companies viewing it as a problem and poor job retention costing eleven billion each year. With millennials and active and important part of the workforce as it is today, it has become more common to continue to consider other positions even as you are employed at one. Millennials are even often referred to as the job hopping generation, so to speak. This is directly linked to the fact that as much as sixty percent of all millennials in the United States (around six out of every ten) have said that they would leave their current job for a better position as soon as it was offered to them. Millennials are keeping their eye out for the next best thing, as stability in jobs and in life has become more difficult to obtain. And with a more than twenty five percent increase in people leaving their jobs – nearly three million (two point seven million, to be exact) by the end of June of 2015, this problem has become more prevalent than ever before.

Fortunately, with the help of Dallas temp agencies or an outplacement consulting service (or, as in many cases, both), companies and businesses can take steps to prevent job loss at the rate that many of them have been seeing it at. For one, improving the employee experience at the company or place of business should be addressed by Dallas temp agencies. An astounding only two out of every ten employees in this country feels adequately motivated by their boss or their superior, and this can lead to a lack of employee satisfaction – and, subsequently, less chance that someone will stay at the place of business for the long run. Employee recognition programs can be the solution as advised by Dallas temp agencies. Employee recognition programs have become more and more widespread throughout many industries and companies in the United States, as these employee recognition programs tend to be hugely effective. In fact, as many as eighty six percent – nearly ninety percent – of all companies who have implemented such programs have noted a largely positive outcome and an improvement in employee morale and satisfaction – which will then itself lead to better employee productivity as well as job retention.

Diversity is another key factor advised by many Dallas temp agencies. Restructuring a company to include better diversity may seem like a hassle, but will actually have a hugely positive benefit for the vast majority of companies throughout the country with the help of temp services. In fact, companies that are diverse – both in terms of gender and of race – have shown that they will consistently outperform their peers across the board. While a merely gender diverse company will outperform peers by as much as fifteen percent, companies that are ethnically diverse as well have been found to outperform other similar companies by as much as thirty five percent when all is said and done – a monumental amount.

From staffing companies to Dallas temp agencies, there are many ways in which the typical company in the United States will be able to implement ways to increase the average rate of employee retention in the years to come. For one, employee recognition and motivation are huge components that can very much set the tone for a workplace and a workplace that does not adequately motivate its employees is certainly unlikely to be a successful one. On top of this, diversity both in terms of genders and ethnicities is also hugely important.

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