The Difference Between A Deadly Fire And A Small Accident? A Carefully Maintained Fire Alarm

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What’s the difference between a fire that’s easily snuffed out and a devastating accident that claims several lives?

Fire alarm inspections. The fire alarm is the first line of defense when smoke starts to go out of control. Not only does it alert any and all people within the area to leave as quickly as possible, it reaches out to fire protection services in the area to make their way over and eliminate the threat immediately. Simply installing an up-to-date fire alarm isn’t enough to gain the full advantage of this form of technology, however, and routine fire alarm inspections are required to make sure it remains strong throughout the year. Whether you live in a high-risk area or not, this is an important note to jot down on your calendar.

Fire alarm repair doesn’t take very long and can mean the difference betwee

Four Important Fire Prevention Safety Tips for Restaurants

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Restaurants are at an increased risk of fire damages. The kitchen within even a small restaurant location usually has numerous hot devices running at once. Larger restaurants, ones with multiple or larger kitchens, are sometimes at an even increased risk of fire. For this reason, establishing an advanced fire protection services system within the building is more important than ever. The following fire protection services should be utilized in a commercial restaurant business.

The use of advanced cooking equipment

Updated cooking appliances have specific features that improve their safety and reduce their fire risk. They can often detect when a fire is possible and reduce the heat, or shut off the device entirely. Additionally, many today also have features that automatica

What Fire Protection Companies Want You to Know

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Doing everything possible to ensure safety on a property is imperative. This is to protect the lives of people and to keep the risk of damage low. An estimated 15 deaths and 150 injuries occur every year due to hotel and motel fires, along with $76 million in loss of property. Fire protection companies are around to aid in this matter and install the proper equipment.

A very important element to have on a property is a commercial fire sprinkler system. Often, it is required to have sprinklers in all rooms and buildings. Having these on property is crucial to prevent loss of life in the event of a fire. Fire spr