Four Important Fire Prevention Safety Tips for Restaurants

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Restaurants are at an increased risk of fire damages. The kitchen within even a small restaurant location usually has numerous hot devices running at once. Larger restaurants, ones with multiple or larger kitchens, are sometimes at an even increased risk of fire. For this reason, establishing an advanced fire protection services system within the building is more important than ever. The following fire protection services should be utilized in a commercial restaurant business.

The use of advanced cooking equipment

Updated cooking appliances have specific features that improve their safety and reduce their fire risk. They can often detect when a fire is possible and reduce the heat, or shut off the device entirely. Additionally, many today also have features that automatically cool the appliance in between uses, taking the responsibility off of the appliance operator. Above hood ranges are also bigger and more efficient than ever before. In commercial areas with large oven ranges, nonchemical suppression systems operate effectively 96% of the time.

The installation of fire alarms

Although fire alarms do not prevent the fire from occurring or spreading, they do give residents and customers advance notice. Many fire alarm services also automatically contact the local fire department. The fire responders can be on their way before anyone ever calls them. This, in a way, does reduce the spread and danger of the fire. Fire alarms should be one of the first devices installed into the commercial restaurant. They also require routine fire alarm inspections and immediate fire alarm repairs to ensure that they are always in good working order. Finally, fire alarm installations should always be installed and inspected by a professional.

The use of fire sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems work in a similar way to the fire alarm. However, instead of calling the authorities, they release water to begin minimizing the fire spread. Fire sprinklers can also act as a type of warning system. When the sprinklers turn on in a commercial restaurant, the customers know that a fire is possible. Additionally, many want to get away from the strong pulse of the fire sprinklers and leave the building anyway. Fire sprinklers are one of the most effective fire protection services in terms of reducing the damage from a fire. In fact, the combination of automatic sprinklers and early warning systems in all buildings could reduce overall injuries, loss of life, and property damage by at least 50%.

Routine fire alarms and inspections

Because fire alarms and sprinkler systems rarely get used, it is important that they are both tested and inspected regularly. A routine inspection should be completed, minimally, once per year. This inspection should be completed by a professional that is familiar with the system and how it works. Running routine fire alarms can also be helpful. It can ensure that the alarm system is working properly and employees understand how to safely leave the building. Many schools or large office buildings schedule routine fire alarms to increase knowledge and safety.

Through advanced fire protection services, the risk and frequency of fires have reduced significantly over the years, even in high risk areas. Fires in warehouse properties have declined substantially over the past 30 years, from 4,700 in 1980 to 1,200 in 2011. Additionally, restaurants can be high risk because of the many electrical appliances they use. It is important to have advanced hood ranges and appliances installed to lower the risk. Also, installing fire alarms and sprinkler systems can increase the amount of time that people have to get out when a fire does occur. Finally, routine fire inspections and fire drills prepare people for the possibility of a fire. With careful planning, you can significantly reduce the likeliness of a fire and if one does occur, you can reduce the damages that it causes.


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