Create a Home, Office, or Store With Repurposed Steel Shipping Containers

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Portable concession stands

Are you planning to buy used shipping containers for a mobile office or another purpose? If you’re not sure if you want to purchase one or more of these containers as an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar or wooden structures, chances are that there may be a few things you didn’t know about storage containers.

First of all, there are currently about 17 million shipping containers located throughout the world. Just six million of these are being used, however. This means that there are 11 million steel shipping containers available that can be modified for homes, office spaces, workstations, and shops. To provide you with an idea of how much these shipping containers can hold, a standard TEU container is able to hold about 3,500 shoe boxes. The larger 40-foot high cube, however, is a

Environmentally Friendly, Portable And Easy To Customize Mobile Office Containers

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Shipping containers for sale ny

Thinking of renovating your space? How about adding a little bit more space? Businesses both small and large are starting to learn toward the portable office nowadays for its hybrid eco-friendly nature and flexible design, saving thousands of dollars every year while providing a proper working environment for part-time and full-time employees. If you haven’t thought to buy used shipping containers or simply need to learn a little bit more about this bold and efficient way of doing business, take a glance below to get caught up.

What Are Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are used to transport cargo, ranging from food to items, across long dis

Changing the Way We Work — The Rise of Mobile Offices

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Are you a small business looking for a flexible and inexpensive workplace option? It can be so tough to find an affordable office, especially if you don’t have a huge number of employees or your work requires you to move around frequently. Acquiring a portable office might be the answer to those problems. Sure, everyone’s heard of shared workspaces — and they’ve become quite popular in major cities — but mobile offices are the newest up-and-coming workplace environment. There are plenty of advantages to using a mobile office and in some cases, they can even be transformed into the business itself (think a concession stand or a retail pop-up store). So let’s find out more about a portable office and how you can get ahold of one and really get down to business!
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