Changing the Way We Work — The Rise of Mobile Offices

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Are you a small business looking for a flexible and inexpensive workplace option? It can be so tough to find an affordable office, especially if you don’t have a huge number of employees or your work requires you to move around frequently. Acquiring a portable office might be the answer to those problems. Sure, everyone’s heard of shared workspaces — and they’ve become quite popular in major cities — but mobile offices are the newest up-and-coming workplace environment. There are plenty of advantages to using a mobile office and in some cases, they can even be transformed into the business itself (think a concession stand or a retail pop-up store). So let’s find out more about a portable office and how you can get ahold of one and really get down to business!
What Should I Expect When I See a Mobile Office?
Many people expect to see a trailer when they think mobile office, and while trailers certainly are used as mobile offices, there are other options as well. Steel shipping containers are also used as mobile offices and there are plenty of storage container modifications to keep things comfortable and feeling like an office. Some common storage container modifications include adding doors and windows, a roof, installing air or central heating, and adding locks or storage facilities like shelves or drawers. The storage container modifications can transform used steel storage containers for sale into the perfect mobile office workspace! There are plenty of shipping containers available, after all, with around 20 million currently in use, and plenty more old containers ready to be discarded. (Your business could even have a positive effect on the environment by reusing the old containers instead of having them trashed!) With all the new usage, the market for containers is supposed to increase by over five percent between 2014 and 2017.
Why Should I Consider Using a Mobile Office in the First Place?
Like mentioned before, if you’re looking for a flexible workspace, a mobile office might be the perfect option for you. If prices get too high in one area or contacts and business dry out in one area, you can simply pack up your business and relocate. A mobile office is also significantly cheaper than renting. If you’re someone who simply can’t work from home or a shared office space is too distracting, getting your own personal portable office might just be the solution. It’ll give you a private space to carry out your work without distraction for a fraction of the price of renting out a space. If you choose to move locations, you also don’t have to worry about the headache of contacting brokers or leasing offices to find a new office space — you’ve got one ready made at your fingertips! And with all the storage container modifications, you can personalize your new office space in a way you might never have been able to before. There are many different sizes for you to choose from, according to your company’s needs, and you have the assurance that you’ll never be kicked out of your office!
OMG! This Sounds Great! Where Can I Get One?
There are plenty of companies who offer mobile offices — constructed from everything from old storage containers to trailers — that you can browse, either online or in person. The mobile office market has expanded, so there are plenty of options to choose from, in terms of size, amenities, and design. Although some people may choose to inspect the office in person, you can also order your mobile office to be shipped to a specific location for installation, saving you the hassle of moving it! Be sure to look at reviews and see if they have pictures from previous companies up on their websites so you can really get a feel for the space.
Join the change that’s sweeping through the workplace. It’s very possible that traditional office spaces will become less and less popular as time goes on and prices increase. Businesses may also become smaller or more specific, increasing the number of alternative workspaces being used.

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