Facts About Drain Repair and Maintenance

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Sewer lateral rehabilitation cincinnati

Drain repair is an important issue that is often overlooked. Homeowners spend a lot of time keeping up with maintenance inside the house and landscaping duties above the ground, but damage inside the trenches can lead to many problems for your property and your wallet. That’s why proper maintenance is so essential. Hopefully this will give you enough information to make an informed decision on when to get a professional pipe inspection.

Causes of Pipe Damage:

  • Old Pipes — Sewer lines will get damaged over time. Angie Hicks of Angie’s List advises that if your home is more than 40 years old, you should have your sewer lines inspected.
  • Buildup — If not properly maintained, drains can accumulate buildup and clog over time.
  • Tree Roots — Tree roots can grow up to three times the width of the a tree’s crown. This can cause damage and will require drain repair. It’s best to keep trees a minimum of ten feet away from any sewer lining.
  • Freezing Temperatures — Constant drain freezing and thawing could lead to cracks in pipes.

Warning Signs:

  • Strong Odor on Property — If the sewer pipes are backed up far enough, a strong smell can develop.
  • Slow Draining Bathtub — Keep an eye on your bathtub drain, if you notice it taking much longer to drain, it might be time for a sewer inspection.
  • Issues With Toilet — Strange noises coming from your toilet or very little water are signs of a pipe issue.
  • Tub and Toilet Buildup — If you notice major sewage buildup, this is cause for immediate concern and drain repair is needed.

Repair Options:

  • Water Blasting — It takes a lot of buildup to clog a sewer line because they are usually six inches or more in diameter. Water blaster pressure ranges from 7,000 PSI to 60,000 PSI and that should effectively clean any pipe buildup.
  • Cutting of Roots — If there is root intrusion, a cable with an efficient root-cutting blade can be sent into the pipes to fix the issue. No digging needed.
  • Relining — If there is only a minor crack in the pipe, a pipe sleeve can be put on to fix the issue.
  • Pipe Replacement — Unfortunately, some pipes are so damaged, there are no other options but to fully replace them.

The trenchless dig industry allows for full maintenance and drain repair without any large digging on your property or street. Keeping up with proper drain maintenance, however, can save you the time and the money on full sewer replacement.

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