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Three Industries That Benefit from Industrial Products

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Hydraulic cylinders

Did you know that almost every type of business in the United States makes use of an industrial product to improve the service or item they sell to you? Whether it is Destaco power clamps, hydraulic pumps, or stem casters, someone is using them to make sure they keep you safe and happy. Here are three of the most important American industries putting industrial products to use each day.

  • Molding Companies
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    Companies that specialize in the molding of plastic or terracotta pieces for bathrooms, cars, or architecture all have to make use of clamps on a daily basis. Destaco power clamps, for example, are often used by these companies to keep molds in place after a raw material has been placed inside them to set. Since Destaco power clamps exert 600 pounds of force, these bus

From Zip Ties to Snap Rivets, Get the Products You Need for Your Office or Job Site

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Threaded standoffs

When working in the office it is of the utmost importance that the appliances and implements you use on a daily basis are constructed well and function properly. The last thing you want to worry about is your work equipment malfunctioning when you are on a deadline to complete a project.

For example, if you work in an office with a lot of wires or cables, specifically for work computers, you will probably want to use cable ties to keep these cords organized and well maintained. Introduced in the year 1958 by the electrical company Thomas and Betts, the products are also known as nylon zip ties and can bind office items together quickly and efficiently.

Similarly, if you are concerned about wire management, a conduit is tubing utilized to enclose active electrical wiring. In addition to helping promote

A Few Tips for Choosing the Best Online Business Magazine

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This week magazine

Bloomberg, The Economist, Wired, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, This Week Magazine, and Inc. are probably what most people think about when they hear the term business magazines thrown about in everyday conversation. The subscriptions for these kinds of business magazines are steadily going up as the majority of the traditional magazine readership transitions to the internet.

All the quality content that is being produced online these days is making the magazine business shake in their boots. Attempts to modernize have generally just resulted in the companies releasing their content online as well, but that almost always required a subscription fee as well. If you do not have the extra cash to drop on a subscription, online or for paper, then you might want to look into some of the amazing and