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How Has Prototype PCB Assembly Changed Over The Years?

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Circuit board prototyping

How did we get from clunky computers that take a lifetime to start up to quality prototype PCB assembly? Look no further than a demanding populace and the passion of countless engineers, programmers and designers. Circuit board prototyping has only gotten better as the years have gotten longer, providing manufacturers with the ability to test their products and explore a variety of different methods without sacrificing time, quality or money. From the slow yet skilled handcrafted results of technicians in the 1950’s and 1960’s to the elaborate manufacturing processing plants of today, printed circuit boards have gone through unprecedented growth.

How Long Has PCB Fabrication Been Around?

Why Investors Are Taking Advantage of a Whole New Kind of Reefer Madness

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How to invest in marijuana industry

Here we are once again, inside another political cycle. It seems like the last four years have just flown by. With the extreme clash of personality between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, many media outlets are dubbing this upcoming presidential election as one of the most important in the modern era. There will be several issues that will be on display, defense against terrorism, immigration, nationwide debt and last, but not least, health care. During the last administration there have been some sweeping changes in American health care. For example the affordable care act and maybe more controversially, the sweeping trend of states passing legislation that decriminalizes and, in some cases, legalizes the use of marijuana and related medical marijuana businesses.

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Changing the Way We Work — The Rise of Mobile Offices

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Office container for sale

Are you a small business looking for a flexible and inexpensive workplace option? It can be so tough to find an affordable office, especially if you don’t have a huge number of employees or your work requires you to move around frequently. Acquiring a portable office might be the answer to those problems. Sure, everyone’s heard of shared workspaces — and they’ve become quite popular in major cities — but mobile offices are the newest up-and-coming workplace environment. There are plenty of advantages to using a mobile office and in some cases, they can even be transformed into the business itself (think a concession stand or a retail pop-up store). So let’s find out more about a portable office and how you can get ahold of one and really get down to business!
What Should I Expect Whe

Benefits of Utilizing an EHS App

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Qms software

Safety in the workplace is a significant concern for many, and was neglected for generations. Government organizations have been developed for the sole purpose of ensuring the protection of employees in the workplace. However, it is vital for a company’s ongoing success and to avoid situations where employee’s safety is at risk.

According to recent studies, 75% of employees report personally safety and security in the workplace are really important to them. 45% of employees don’t feel comfortable drawing attention to potentially unsafe behaviors to their peers or supervisors. Another 72% of employees reported being completely unaware of their company’s environmental health and safety (EHS) functions. Finally, 43% of employees reported wishing they had the ability to provide feedback to their company’s EHS t

Importance of Web Design This Isn’t the 1990s

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There are a few active websites that if you looked at them, you might think you’ve traveled back to 1994. Some of them are so bad, so jam-packed with random colors, so in your face obnoxious, and so ugly, that you can’t even tell what is their point of existence.

Those websites exist in 2016 — wow.

If you’re a new business owner and are in need of a company website, it’s probably best to not model your site after these gems.

Your website is just as important to your business as the product itself. Today, it’s seemingly more important to have a solid online presence than it is to have a good physical one. If people aren’t comfortable with your website, can’t find anything or simply hate the way it looks,

Great Tips to Help You Get the Most from Your Social Media Plan

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Are you looking for a way to drive more traffic to your website? Would you like to beef up your social media marketing plan? Here are some tips to help you do just that.

  • Develop a game plan for your social media marketing before you start. You would not start a business without writing up a business plan. Well, this is really no different. Some say, “A failure to plan equals a plan to fail.” Devise your road map. Draft up what you expect to accomplish. This will help you succeed with your plan.
  • Take a hard look at your current social media marketing practices. It is hard to draft a new plan that you know will succeed when you do not know how your current efforts are doing. By doing an audit of your social media marketing practices, you can draft up the stro

Food Packaging How Preserves And Protects

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Stock clamshell packaging

We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the food packaging industry — perhaps with good reason. But as anyone in the industry can confirm, there is much more to food packaging than what might initially meet the eye. The way food is packaged certainly does affect how well or poorly the product sells. After all, a staggering 52% of people making purchase decisions partially based on whether or not the packaging of their purchase shows a brand making positive social changes. However, packaging does a lot to change the way we consume food — and how safely we consume it — on a positive level as well. Proper packaging can preserve food for much longer than it would otherwise be preserved; that way, we’re less likely to waste food. It also protects food from outside contamination — and someti

The Most Commonly Used Form Of Transportation Is Also The Safest Do You Know Which One It Is?

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Commercial elevator installation

When’s the last time you thought about the technology you use every day? It’s incredibly easy to take for granted our constant necessities and small wonders, blending into our day-to-day as seamlessly as the air we breathe and the water we drink. Elevators, for starters, are one of the greatest and most underappreciated technological wonders. They take us to places we can’t reach, help countless industries across the world with construction and just make life easier as a whole. Elevator repair is an art that takes a combination of technological know-how and artistic elegance, with millions of peoples’ safety on the line should anything go wrong. Let’s take a journey through the history of elevator technology, an elevator company’s general function and how elevator repair works.

Understand the Benefits of Using a Gateway Service

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Ecommerce merchant account

It’s really no secret that online shopping has grown significantly over recent years. According to recent studies, the average online order for a shopper in the United States is $78. An online shopper will visit an average of three sites before making a purchase, and the majority of consumers already know what online stores they will buy from.

Globally, e-commerce sites generate over $900,000 every 30 seconds through desktops and over $200,000 through mobile devices. Cyber Monday has had a 17% increase in sales year after year. E-commerce is already huge and it continues to grow.

The downside to this grows this growth is the dramatic increase in payment card fraud and the financial loss suffered by the card holders. This is why gateway services, Continue Reading No Comments

Businesses Need to Protect Themselves From Credit Card Fraud

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Payment processing service

Retailers and others lose out on sales by not accepting credit cards. Most people favor the convenience of credit cards and don’t carry around a lot of cash. Though some small mom and pop retailers forgo accepting credit cards because of the fees and liability, most businesses do accept them. Of course, doing so opens business owners up to some potential problems.

One of the biggest issues with accepting credit cards is the potential for fraud. Despite advances in security, credit card fraud remains a huge problem, costing consumers and businesses an estimated $16.3 billion in 2014. Half of that fraud amount, or $8 billion, occurred in the U.S., largely because the U.S. was far behind other countr