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A Brand’s Values Are Tied Up With Perceived Value

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There is an important factor in marketing that makes the difference between success and failure: how does the customer experience your branding? You know that customer satisfaction means that they are more likely to make repeat purchases, and to even recommend your product or service on offer to their friends and family. But have you considered in depth what your actual branding strategy is, and how you can use it to your advantage?

It a truth few feel comfortable admitting, but it is true nonetheless. Perceived value outsells actual value. What that means is that how a customer views your

What Do Job Perks, Cost Savings, and Productivity Have In Common? Telecommuting

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Commuting to work during rush hour traffic, sharing a cubicle wall with a nosy co-worker, ruthlessly competing with others for the best office suites, or having someone take your sandwich from the break room?s refrigerator are all modern professional nightmares. Dealing with people day in and day out can be taxing for many who find themselves more productive when they work alone. If you feel like you can relate to any of the grievances above, then I?m sure you have heard of virtual office suites, or telecommuting.

One of the benefits of living in the Information Age is the shift from commuting to physical offices to the idea of working out of virtual office suites. For some, this shift may seem daunting and worrisome. No matter if you are for or against the concept of virtual office suites or working remot

The 5 Benefits to Putting in a Scrolling Marquee Sign

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If you are looking into outdoor LED business signs, you know that you have a lot of options. When asked, at least 71% of consumers said that they do pay attention to signs they see while driving, this includes both traditional and digital billboards. At least 37% of consumers report looking at all of the signs they see when they are out and about. Lest you think that these are only important for one type or size of business, it is worth noting that at least 17% of people who wander into Best Buy stores say they do so because of the iconic sign they see outside of the store. If you are going to put in Continue Reading No Comments

5 Tips to Designing Electronic Signs for Business that Grow Your Brand

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How often do you look at billboards when you are driving down the road? Most drivers and passengers do pay attention to the billboards they pass. At least 71% of them say they read the signs they pass. Another 38% of consumers report only finding some businesses because they saw the sign. That number includes people who shop at large retail stores like Best Buy. At least 17% of the people who walk into Best Buy locations around the country say they were prompted by the iconic signs they all have. In terms of advertising dollars, on site electronic signs for businesses have the same value as 24 full pages advertisements taken out in newspapers. It is important to your our outdoor business LED sig

How High Employee Turnover Hurts Workplace Morale and Productivity and What To Do About It

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Conflict resolution

As teachers, coaches and manger know, motivation is the key to performance and success. In the workplace, employee motivation affects productivity, turnover and morale – all factors that will ultimately impact the bottom line. Executive coaching and strategic planning for managers, supervisors, and upper management can help them to connect with employees, to see things from their perspective, and to provide effective leadership.

High employee turnover is bad for business
An unstable workforce with high employee turnover is both costly and demoralizing for a business. It takes time to hire and train replacements for employees who

Three Fire Alert Systems And Their Pros And Cons

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A fire is, in many ways, a worst case scenario for the hotel industry from the start. Hotels and motels are probably the worst possible places in which a fire could bring out. For one thing, hotels and motels are notoriously difficult to evacuate. This is especially true for hotels with high-rise floors. By the time guests are made aware of a fire, it could be too late for them to evacuate, and it’s very difficult for firefighters to reach people on the upper levels in time to rescue them. There is also a higher risk of fires breaking out in hotels and motels, not only because these buildings have expanded spaces in general, but because of their extensive electrical wiring — which always flammable — and the risk of malfunctioning in ovens and stoves. Most hotels and motels have at least one big

All You Want to Know About Industrial Coatings

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Hard chrome plating


industrial coatings make for big business. More than 352 million gallons, worth $6.8 billion were sold to American consumer industries in 2014. There are a number of different sliding wear coatings that have been used in a number of industries from firearm manufacture to the automotive industry.

Industrial coatings and sliding wear coatings are products and materials that have been designed to protect various systems and products from wear and tear, the elements and from corrosion. They can also add a certain aesthetic to the items to which they are applied.

The majority of hard coatings are used on steel and concrete to prevent corrosion. They are versatile and can be used in a number of different industries. Some industries where they are most useful include:

  • The ae

Keep Your Place of Business Clean and Sanitary With the Right Janitorial Service

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If you run a business of any kind, one of the first things that you need to ensure is that your place of business remains clean and sanitary at all-time. Workplaces can get dirty very quickly, as there is a lot of footfall on a daily basis, and just like any other densely populated area, dust and dirt can settle in in no time. Over time, this can really make the concerned workplace more and more unfit for productive work, and can also pose serious health problems, becoming an unsanitary and unsafe work environment where workers might be exposed to infections or serious diseases. For this reason, it is extremely important that office buildings and places of business are kept in an extremely clean and pristine condition. This has a number of important benefits, and also projects your place of business as

How Tap Water is an Everyday Convienence (With a Scary Risk)

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Water is a necessity to life. That is a fact. That said, as we have advanced throughout the centuries and generations we have realized that not all water is created equal. In fact, there are water sources out there than can hurt us. Impure water sources have caused major epidemics around the globe. But you know the most common contaminated water source out there? Your house faucet.

Older water pipes in our house still contain lead. Lead is poisonous to us if consumed. So, if we drink in that water we potentially are hurting ourselves. What’s worse, it happens every day. Around 480,000 children develop a learning disability due to exposure to lead. That happens through many reasons such as old lead paint but more often than not it’s due to lead in our water.

The simple solution would be to g