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The Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

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Intermodal shipping is important because it allows for products to be shipped utilizing multiple methods, which is often needed without needing to unload and reload the products costing more money and wasting time.

An intermodal container can be transported easily by ship, train, and truck. They are a standard sized container that can be affixed to the different modes of transport as needed. They are stackable and easy to move utilizing a crane. Reducing costs of transport is one of the most significant benefits of intermodal shipping.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 15 billion tons of cargo transported through trucking each year, and that number is anticipated to increase to nearly 19 billion by 2040. The trucking industry continues to be the most used a

3 Steps to Ensuring Fire Safety in Your Hotel

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Fires are unpredictable. No one ever plans to have their building catch fire and have it be destroyed. Fires can be devastating. It is so important to have not only fire prevention in place but to also have a way to extinguish the fire if one ever does erupt in the building.

For businesses such as hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, etc., it may not be enough to simply call the fire department when a fire erupts in the building. These fires can be huge, and timing is crucial. If no one in the building notices the fire for even 5 minutes while it is still small, the fire department may not get there in time to save the building or the people inside of it from complete devastation. That’s it is important to take the extra steps in order to prevent and extinguish fires in the best way

Times You Need An Expert in Employment Law

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Alternative dispute resolution

Do you need an expert in employment law to help you understand or protect your rights in relation to your employer? It’s something a lot of people don’t think about until the moment comes; but when the moment does come, you may need help very quickly. It can be worth taking the time to find options before an emergency arises.

When you think of employment law rights, the first thing that comes to mind might very well be employment discrimination. It is fairly well-known that employers are not permitted to discriminate against you in hiring, firing, promoting, or compensating on the basis of your gender, age, race, or other issues. But consider some of these other situations where you may need the services of someone who knows more about employment law than you do:

Your Employ

Create a Home, Office, or Store With Repurposed Steel Shipping Containers

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Are you planning to buy used shipping containers for a mobile office or another purpose? If you’re not sure if you want to purchase one or more of these containers as an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar or wooden structures, chances are that there may be a few things you didn’t know about storage containers.

First of all, there are currently about 17 million shipping containers located throughout the world. Just six million of these are being used, however. This means that there are 11 million steel shipping containers available that can be modified for homes, office spaces, workstations, and shops. To provide you with an idea of how much these shipping containers can hold, a standard TEU container is able to hold about 3,500 shoe boxes. The larger 40-foot high cube, however, is a

What Are Freight Brokers?

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What Are Freight Brokers?

Freight brokers act as a third party between the shipper and the trucking company. Some freight brokers use transportation broker software to improve their productivity in order to perform their jobs more efficiently. As the liaison between the two aspects of shipping and receiving merchandise, freight brokers play an incredibly important role in getting a product to its destination quickly and efficiently. Without them, errors are more likely to occur.

How Can Freight Brokerage Software Improve Efficiency?

There are many ways that transportation broker software improves efficiency for freight management. It has the ab

Shipping Container Offices Help Construction Companies Move from One Site to Another

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When people typically think of shipping containers they see images of stacks of them filling international ships that are crossing the ocean or lines of them being carried on train cars across the nation. These shipping containers, and similarly constructed storage containers, however, serve many purposes beyond the ships and trains of the world. In fact, many of these structures are reconfigured and used for a variety of other purposes. Uses for storage containers vary from serving as a small home to providing office space, in addition to the more traditional short and long term storage needs.
Both portable office containers and homes made from storage containers are the way that

Three Benefits of Print and Mail Outsourcing

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Does your company still manage the printing and mailing? Do your employees complain about issues with the printer, paper cuts from envelopes, or not being able to get other work done? It may be time to consider an outsourced printing and mailing company. An outsourced printing and mailing company can handle your printing and mailing. This will reduce the stress on your employees and can make your business more efficient. If you have been thinking about print and mail outsourcing, here are some answers. Here are the three major benefits of using an outsourced printing and mailing company.

1. I

Enhance the Customer Experience With LED Business Signs

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If you’re in the process of opening a new business, chances are that you know the importance of having good signage. A recent survey underlined this fact, as 35% of its participants wouldn’t have discovered a new business without its sign. Since 85% of potential customers live and/or work within five miles of where they tend to shop, having one or more detailed signs can direct customers to your business.

Studies have shown that when a business adds or changes its sign, sales revenues can be improved. If you currently have a small or medium-sized sign outside your store or in your front window, you may want to consider replacing it with a larger one. This simple change has been shown to increase a business’ revenue by 7.7%. Furthermore, when you have on-site signage, this is the equivalent value of running 24

A Guide to Private Money Lenders

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San diego hard money lenders

Across the United States, there are a large number of people who have to deal with financial hardship and financial problems. Sometimes this is due to the fact that they do not make a lot of money and sometimes this is because people have a hard time understanding their finances. This means that the average person will most likely have a difficult time knowing how much of their money they need to save and how much they should spend.

There are many scenarios in which people in the United States will look to help for money. These situations can involve someone seeking help from a hard money lender for private money loans. This can sound intimidating but if you educate yourself as to how this process works, it may be favorable to you. Here are all of the facts surrounding getting help from a pr

Three Reasons For Heavy Equipment

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Trailers y acoplados de estados unidos

Equipment for agriculture, mining, and construction can be difficult to move from one area to another, especially when that area is overseas. The equipment is large, heavy, and requires permission and permits at the borders. Using a heavy equipment exporter can help cut through the red tape and make your project move quicker and smoother. Whether you want a John Deere tractor or construction cranes from CAT, heavy equipment exporters can get it to you. From Argentina to Bolivia, Uruguay to the Caribbean, using heavy equipment exporters will help you start your project faster. Here are some of the reasons to bring heavy equipment in to your country.

1. Mining is big business and growing throughout C