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Contact a Invoice Factoring Broker to Learn More About Working Capital Funding Strategies

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Small, as opposed to large businesses, have less than 500 employees on staff. It’s interesting to note that 99.7% of all businesses within the United States fall within this category. Unfortunately, a large percentage of small businesses fail due to cash flow issues. A U.S. Bank study found that this applied to 82% of failed businesses. While there are a variety of situations that can contribute to cash flow issues, the incidence of unpaid or late invoices impacts this situation significantly.

Small Business Start-Ups and Invoicing

In order to launch a small business, the Wells Fargo Small Business Index reported that an average of $10,000.00 is needed for start-up capital. Once a small business has begun operating, it’s been determined that almost 60% of its invoices are not paid on time. If this situation were reversed, however, it has been estimated that small businesses within this country would be able to hire 2.1 million additional employees. As a result, unemployme

Are You Looking for a Way to Increase the Foot Traffic That Comes Into Your Business?

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Getting your business noticed can be a challenge in a time when digital marketing drives everything. Did you know, in fact, that there are a number of times when a business simply does not make it because customers simply do not know about the location of your business. With the right outdoor LED signs, however, you can make sure that you are able to not only compete, but also succeed.
The latest research indicates that the actual value of an on site sign equals the impact made by running 24 full-page newspaper ads every year. The signage for businesses can help make sure that local customers know not only your location, but the kinds of goods and services that are offered.
Scrolling Marquee Signs Offer a Number of Different Advertising Options for Many Kinds of Businesses
If it has been awhile since you have updated the signage for businesses that you own, now is the ti

Are You Looking For A New Building For Your Busy Business

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With the building market what it is today it can be a difficult decision to go out and buy a new building. Getting rid of your old one, the building that holds so many memories and is so dear to you, can hold you back from going out and joining the buying market. But perhaps, before you find yourself stressed out over taking building tours and looking at all of the new possible options that are out there, you should look into modular building options to see if perhaps this type of building is the right type for you and your blooming business. Cheap portable buildings can save you the time and money you may need.

Just because these modular building options can be portable and easier to purchases does not mean that they are in any way less of a building than if you were to go out and find one that is already built and station in place. In fact, in many ways these modular building options can provide you with more benefits than a typical building could do if you were to find jus

From Inbound Leads To Sales Funnels Learning Essential Marketing Technology To Carry You Through 2019

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Going from a curious customer to a sale seems like a pretty straightforward process. You market yourself, wait for people to drop by, then everything handles itself. Right?

Wrong! Turns out a lot of doubt can weasel in-between the cracks and get in the way of your success. When a customer isn’t changing their mind at the last second they’re being distracted by the competition. Marketing has never been more complicated than it is today, with the average consumer exposed to thousands of advertisements a day. You need more than just your wits if you’re to meet your monthly minimum.

With the aid of an outbound sales call center you can rely on some more modern knowledge to redirect your customers through that tricky sales funnel. Here are some important terms to know on your way to becoming a marketing expert.

Did You Know?

The digital age is very much a double-edged sword. On one hand it’s easier than ever for you to reac

Considerations For Staying Safe In The Event Of A Fire

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Fires can be quite terrifying indeed, there is no doubting this fact. After all, fires can all too quickly grow out of control – and, left unchecked, they have been known to consume just about everything in their path. Without adequate fire prevention services, the toll of property damage in relation to fires would be much higher – but so too would the toll of human life and suffering. Burn injuries can be excruciating to recover from, and can lead to life long treatments, scarring, and pain in those who have been victim to them. And fires can kill as well, both through smoke inhalation as well as through the flames directly. Fires, no matter what, should always be taken seriously.

This is something that is very much backed up by the data that has been gathered on fires, particularly hotel and motel fires. These types of fires are particularly common and lead to as many as – if not more than – 150 injuries over the course of each and every year here in the United States alone. Unf

Make the Switch from Cubicles to Soundproof Booths

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When you run a business you have many responsibilities that help to keep the company afloat. One of the responsibilities is making sure that your employees are productive and happy. After all, happy employees stick around and do their best work. However, there are some aspects of the modern office setting that can be less than satisfying for workers and can lower productivity levels. One of those is the cubicle setup.

When employees are crunched together in cubicles that are line up side by side, there are a lot of distractions in their day. There is also more room for things like gossip and eavesdropping that can lead to unnecessary office drama. This is why it’s a wise business decision to make the switch from cubicles to soundproof office booths.

Boost Productivity

One benefit of investing in soundproof phone booth office spaces is the likely lift in productivity that will follow. Employees have their own space that is quiet and private means there will be less

Have You Given Thought To Your Product Packaging?

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Making the decision on how exactly to package your items is one that can be a difficult one for even the most experienced business owner. With so many commercial food packaging bags and options out there, knowing what is best for your product and what is going to make your product fly off the shelves and into the homes of happy customers can be a difficult sea to navigate. Are clear pouch bags the best choice for your item? What about a custom printed vacuum pouch? Or even organic paper bags? How do you know what your items are best off in?

When you’re choosing what the best packaging is for your item it is very important to put yourself in the mind of the consumer when you are deciding what is best for your product. Finding the right type of package can be just as important as what you are putting inside of that packaging. Knowing your items inside and out and knowing what is going to appeal to others could be the

Stay at Home Call Centers Continue to Grow in Popularity

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You do not always have to leave your house to go to work. In fact, for many people you do not even have to get out of your pajamas. In fact, as more and more people find ways to work from home it is increasingly important to realize that you can make the most of any work environment. Many people find that online customer service jobs from home are a way to stay connected with their families while at the same time still earning an impressive wage. Work from home customer service platforms offer a way not only for people to have the flexible work spaces that they want, while also offering a way for companies to affordably deal with an important part of their business.
Stay at home call center representative jobs provide a way for businesses of all size to stay connected with their most important assets: customers. Any one who is looking for a way to work with flexible hours can appreciate a job that allows you to work a few hours early in the morning before you take the kids into sch

Using Tabletop Display Booths and Other Forms of Signage Effectively

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If you are running a small business that caters primarily to local customers, there can be a lot of challenges to negotiate with on a daily basis, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. With the advent of the Internet, a lot of traditional marketing and advertising practices have been radically transformed. More and more businesses are now trying to leverage the many avenues provided by the Internet to take care of the majority of their marketing and advertising requirements. However, there is still a lot of mileage that can be had from using good old traditional signage. Provided that you can be creative and innovative with it, a lot of mileage can be got from using things like tabletop display booths, retractable banner stands, and tower displays if you go about it the right way.

Signage has always played a very important role in announcing businesses to local customers and establishing a brand presence in the area. Brick and mortar stores and local businesses h

When You Need Spray Foam Put in Your House

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A modern house or public building, large or small, will have a number of utilities in it to keep it functional, comfortable, and cost-friendly. This will range from its plumbing and sewer lines all the way to its electrical cables and its heating and cooling system. On top of that, certain parts of the house are central to keeping it safe and comfortable, such as the roof and spray foam insulation. Spray foam in particular is a major part of how a house maintains its climate control, or the heating and cooling of the house’s air for the occupants’ comfort. When spray foam is securely in place, this eases strain on the HVAC system. By contrast, thin or missing spray foam will cause warm air to escape the home in winter or cool air to leak out in summer, and this overworks the heating and cooling unit. In turn, an overworked heating and cooling unit will use up a lot of extra electricity, and that will show up on the electric bill. For this reason, a concerned homeowner may look to spray