3 Different Routes Your Package Could Take

Door to door venezuela

When you order a package, do you consider where it is coming from and what journeys it has to go through in order to show up at your house? There are many different events that could happen on your new shoes or your new favorite bag’s journey to your door step. To help you get a better idea, here’s a list of three possible scenarios.

  1. Sea Freight Shipping
    That’s right, the first scenario is if you were to have your package come to you by sea. While yes, you do not get to make the decision, it is you who was the catalyst for this boat adventure. Imagine your package working with cargo companies in use and abroad to get to its destination. It is stacked up with different freight items and braves the open seas to get to you.
  2. Airplane
    The air and ocean cargo doesn’t work without a trip in the skies though. Your package could also take to the skies just as much as it could end up on the sea. While planes most likely don’t have the space that a shipping boat would, they will get to your door quicker. Its practically door to door delivery at that speed. As such, shipping by air is a great way to go.
  3. Train
    We have already talked about the taking things by air and by sea, so its only fair we talk about taking them by land as well. This time, your package could go by train. Sea freight shipping and air plane delivery are easy and fast, but train delivery is the true and trusted route. Just ask any purchasing agents in the usa. Trains are safe and reliable and have been used for decades, so it is an easy way to take any package.

You do not have to, or get to, choose which type of route your package gets. But if you pay for faster delivery, you do get to at least choose between the faster routes within these routes. That said, know that each one of these three types of shipping vehicles is a great way for shipping companies to ensure that your package gets to you.

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