What is Carbon Dioxide Blasting?

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Large buildings will often not be able to use cleaning methods commonly seen in a home. Many factories and warehouse will require a differ type of cleaning solution. One method of cleaning that can be used on a massive scale is carbon dioxide blasting. This type of cleaning can be known by many names. However, the constant is that this cleaning method works well to take care of a number of problems. In this post, you will about carbon dioxide blasting, the benefits of this cleaning method and where it is commonly used.

Carbon dioxide blasting is a cleaning system in which dry ice is sent out of a high pressure system. Dry ice blasting creates a vapor that is low moisture. In addition, this vapor omits only about 5 percent water making it less dense than the air that you breathe. This cleaning method is very powerful since it is a form of abrasive blasting.

Businesses prefer using carbon dioxide blasting because of how easy it is to clean up. Dry ice will eventually turn back into condensation. However, other cleaning methods could leave behind potentially toxic residue. Most companies can have dry ice blasting equipment ready to start working right away.

One of the most common industries where co2 blasting is often used. Recent research by the CDC reports that one out of every six people in the United States become sick by eating contaminated food each year. No business owner wants to be behind the company that caused a widespread contamination issue. Dry ice is commonly used as part of an effective conveyor belt cleaning system. Carbon dioxide blasts can help to rid areas of salmonella, e Coli, and listeria.

In closing, carbon dioxide blasting is a cleaning method used by many businesses, especially those in the food industry. This method of cleaning involves dry ice pushed through a highly pressurized system. Carbon dioxide blasting is relatively easy to get started and doesn’t leave behind dangerous chemicals on surfaces. Carbon dioxide blasting is also effective at fighting the three main types of hazards for unsafe food, including chemical, physical, and biological contaminants.

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