4 Ways to Donate Without Breaking the Bank

Charity clothing donations

The holidays are a difficult time of hear for various reasons. While we know that there are families in need and we should give donations to veterans, it’s difficult to try and come up with that money. It’s an interesting phenomenon because we are spending so much on our families and friends for presents, yet donating to someone we don’t know can be a burden, even though we know it’s necessary. If you are feeling stuck in this conundrum, then here are a few ways that you can still make charitable donations to veterans, whether it be clothes donations or money.

Every Penny Counts
The first thing that you need to understand is even the smallest amount could make a difference. If everyone were to donate just a little bit of money, then those small amounts would add up into a large amount and together you all could do something to make a difference to these people’s lives. Donations to veterans and military families and others are so important, especially this time of year. There is a good chance that they have lost someone special to them and the holidays are a difficult time. Knowing that people are banding together to support them and take care of them can make a huge difference. So, even if you only have a few dollars that you can give to charity, you should still do it. Someone else is likely doing the same thing and your conjoined funds will give a family what they need.

Small Donations Regularly
Another idea if you want to give donations to veterans and others is, give a small amount on a regular period. You may not be able to fork out $500 all in one shot, but if you put aside $3 a day, that would add up quickly. $3 a day is nothing; people lose that on a regular basis. Or they spend it at the vending machine at work or on a coffee. Sacrifice your daily coffee for the greater good and put that $3 aside. By the end of a 31 day month you could save $93. That works out to over $1,000 in the year. Now, that’s significant and you probably wouldn’t even notice it missing. Even a dollar a day would make a difference. Whatever you can do, do it on a regular basis so that you can add to your funds without putting a huge dent in the bank account all at one time. You may be able to set something up through you bank, depending on who you bank with to round up to the next dollar every time you use your debit card and send the extra to a separate account. Once a month, donate everything in that account to the charity of your choice. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it adds up.

Sell Items You Can’t Donate
If you have gently used items around the home, you can actually donate those instead of monetary donations if you prefer. Clothes, kitchen appliances and shoes are some of the main things that are needed. However, of the items that you can’t donate, you could probably put them up for sale on sites like Craig’s List or Offer Up or on a virtual yard sale group on Facebook. You could even hold a yard sale. The money that you make from those things could go to the charity of your choice. You will probably more likely to be able to sell them if you let them know that the money is going to go to a charity and why you chose that charity. Everyone likes to know that they are doing something good and this gives someone else an opportunity to be apart of something bigger.

Set Up a Donation Booth
By donating your time, you could set up a booth (with permission) at your church or child’s school in order to raise money for a certain charity or to raise awareness. Now, obviously, that isn’t something that you could do permanently but at least it will get you started on the right track. Everything you make in the day or over the course of a few days would go to the charity.

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