The Most Needed Charitable Donations to Donate Today

Helping disabled veterans

There are plenty of clothing shelters looking for donations for military families, the homeless, and others in need. If you are looking to make charitable donations in the form of clothing and household supplies, but do not know what to give, consider this list before making your decision.

Clothing donations

No matter who you are giving too, there are plenty of charitable organizations looking for donations in the form of clothing of all shapes and sizes. Not only do these clothing donations help the homeless, they are given to families who have come across hard times such as a flood or a home fire, they are given to military families who have to move around a lot, and they are given to school children as uniforms. Typically any and all clothing is accepted, in a variety of sizes. Used clothing donations are fine, but many organizations request that you simply donate new undergarments and socks.

Household items

If a person’s home is ruined by a fire or any other natural disaster, they will typically come to a charitable organization for help before their insurance kicks in. This means that they will need kitchen items such as gently used pots and pans, silverware, and small appliances such as small grills and microwaves. These people will also benefit from furniture, such as couches and chairs in good shape, kitchen tables, bed frames and mattresses, and even computers and electronics that are not needed anymore.

Bedding and linens

Oftentimes many people forget that those in need will need proper bedding and linens to be able to live comfortably. This means bath towels, carpets, kitchen rugs, hand towels, and sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Also included is drapery, curtains, and blinds.


Gently used tools are always a great idea as they will undoubtedly be put to a good use. This ranges from small wrenches and screwdrivers to larger, electronic drills and saws.

It is important to remember that every donation is a good donation. Make sure to contact your closest charitable organization today to donate, no matter what you give, someone will be thankful and put it to a good use!

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