5 Ways LED Signs Can Help Boost Your Business

Traditional wooden business signs for sale are no longer seen.

Most people are starting to turn a blind eye to them. Unless you’re really looking for a specific service, you would just zip through them. It’s pretty much like looking at your blind spot, you don’t really turn your head in that direction unless you’re switching lanes.

A LED sign, on the other hand, is eye-catching and attention-grabbing. It’s the best option these days when looking for business signs for sale. Even if the area you’re driving through is filled with these neon and flashing signs, your eyes would still glimpse at what’s written.

Imagine if you could have your products or services displayed on LED signs. Most people will see it and will become aware of your business. The moment they need your services, your LED business signs will be the first to come to their mind.

Wanna know more about how LED signs can help your business? Read on as we provide the five reasons why you should go LED when choosing business signs for sale.

What Studies Have to Say About Business Signs for Sale

Before we head on to the benefits, you should be introduced to research facts and studies conducted on the effectiveness of business signs:

  • Did you know that 35% of people wouldn’t have known about a business had it not been for their sign?
  • Best Buy makes their business sign so big it can be seen on the freeway – and it’s working. 17% of Best Buy’s walk-in customers did so because they saw the big sign.
  • When it comes to marketing, an on-site sign is the same as running ads 24 times in a newspaper each year. The big difference is that with on-site signage for businesses, it’s 24/7 ads running all the time.
  • In a series of polls conducted, 24% of respondents remembered or noted a website address or phone number they saw on a billboard.

Reasons Why You Should Choose LED Business Signs for Sale

LED signs for business are the future of this type of marketing. Here are the ways business LED signs can help you boost your sales:

1. Grabs Attention Effectively

More and more people are becoming immune to traditional business signs. Regardless of how pretty the color combinations are or how bold the letters are, messages on these signs don’t stick into memory.

On the other hand, the interactive graphics and colorful lights shown on LED business signs are more memorable. It creates brand awareness that people can remember.

2. Consistently Retains Attention

A person who got interested and read a LED business sign will tend to look in the same direction every time he passes by. The interesting graphics caught his attention once, so he’ll subconsciously look for it again to get entertained.

Since LEDs are easy to modify, you can change the graphics output regularly so the passersby will continue to look at it.

3. Customizable and Flexible Designs

LED signs are easy to configure and setup. You also have a variety of pre-defined designs to choose from.

Compared to traditional wooden signs which take a day or two to create, any changes you make on a LED sign are immediate. In case you suddenly changed your mind about the wordings or layout, you can change it fast as well.

4. Low Maintenance and Quick Updates

You might think that LED signs would cost you more, but it’s the opposite. You save money in the long run with its low upkeep and you gain more customers as well.

The biggest advantage of this type of business sign is that you can change what’s shown anytime. You can update your consumers with a countdown on the last few stocks.

5. LED Signs are Always Visible

Full color LED signs can show different colors, graphics, and animations that grabs attention effectively. You can even adjust the font size and font type to make your message stand out.

LED signs are always visible, especially at night. This is one of the best improvement it has over traditional wooden signs which becomes invisible after sundown.

Choose LED Signs to Help Promote Your Business

When looking for business signs for sale, skip the wooden boards and go for LED signs. These electronic signs for business can help you gain more customers and boost more sales.

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