Important Information to Include on Business Marketing Materials

Commercial business signs

Many business owners go into business because of a passion. They either have a product or a service that they strongly believe in. Although this provides a great base for a successful business, it is often not enough. Some type of business sense, specifically marketing is also needed. Without marketing knowledge and a successful marketing plan, customers will never know about the great product or service that is being offered. Marketing comes in the form of digital print, hard copy print, and media. All of these forms are useful tools in growing a business, but the business owner has to know what type of information is relevant.

Name of the business

The center and most bold point of any form of marketing should be the business name. This is what people need to remember and what they need for brand loyalty. Most people take in information and are likely to forget a lot of the smaller details. However, if the name is portrayed properly, they will hold onto this information. They will also be able to recognize it when they come across that business later on. Whether your marketing message is on digital LED sign boards or marquee signs, you need to be sure that your business name is most noticeable.

The business logo

The business logo may be even more important than the name of the business. Even with the boldest of marketing materials, some customers will still forget the business name. However, when you have a memorable logo, they may hold onto this information. Logos are generally smaller and bolder, making them easier to remember. Logos can also be used in brand recognition marketing campaigns. If your logo becomes recognized enough, you may choose to use your logo on smaller advertising tools, like digital LED sign boards, rather than your full business name.

Any business slogan

Business slogans are very important to some companies. For example, if your company values community and communication, this may be an important marketing tool in smaller cities. Electronic signs can be used to share the company slogan, often along with the business name and the company logo. Additional information may be shared on these modes of advertisement, however, sometimes the slogan is enough. With 85% of a business?s customers living or working within a five mile radius of its location, a memorable slogan is important.


Many customers may not be aware of your storefront. In fact, many customers are not even aware of the small businesses that are located just a couple of miles from their house. Too many businesses fail to include their location on their electric business signs. They are often too focused on grabbing the attention of the customer. Although this is important, the entire marketing plan has failed if customers are unable to locate your business. If you have sufficient room, such as with large LED business signs, it can even be helpful to give cross roads or larger buildings that you are located in between.

Sales and discounts

One of the best ways to grab a customer?s attention is by offering them something free or discounted. The value of an on site sign is the same as 24 full page newspaper ads each year. With the money saved on the newspapers ad prices, you can offer your new customers discounts to get them in the door. Digital LED sign boards are a successful way in notifying these customers of these steep discounts. Approximately 58% of poll respondents learned about a restaurant they later visited from a billboard they saw while in their car.

Most small business owners are experts in the services they provide, but not in growing their business. Marketing is a crucial part of any business. Yet, many business owners do not focus on this aspect of the business. Work with a LED sign company on installing digital LED sign boards. These LED sign boards should include relevant information on the business and should be appealing enough to grab attention of those who see it.

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