7 Sewer Maintenance Tips to Keep Your System Clean and Clear

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Dealing with your sewer system and doing sewer maintenance may not be the most fun part of owing your own home but it is important. There are things you can do to keep your system running smoothly. If the sewer system is 40 years old or more, you should start with aandnbsp;camera drain inspection to see the current state of the pipes.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Sewer Lines Clean and Clear without Chemicals:

  1. Get to know your plumbing system. The first place you can start in terms of sewer line maintenance is getting to really understand it. You need to know where your trouble areas are or could be. Most homes have pipe systems that include ine main sewer line, which is fed by smaller waste removal lines. The smaller pipes come from the kitchen and bathrooms and everything is then expelled through the main pump. Whenever there is a clog, it is important to know which area is impacted and could be the cause of your problem. Having aandnbsp;camera drain inspection can show you what your root clog cause is.
  2. Prevent common clogs in from your bathroom. Hair and hair products cause a large number of clogged pipes in homes. One really easy way you can prevent this kind of clog is to keep hair, shampoo and conditioner from ever getting into your plumbing in the first place. Place a filter over the drain and keep it clean. For clogs that have already formed, you can buy a drain stick. You can use this to manually remove any debris from your lines. Drain sticks have barbs on the end and can catch the hair and gunk that is trapped in your pipes.
  3. Get a slow drain moving quicker.If your clog is not totally blocking your pipes, you may notice the system drains really slowly. One way to get it moving faster is to use a drain snake. Pour cold water down your drain as you use the snake. This will help break up the clogs and rid your system of dirt and debris. If you find your drain runs slowly a lot of the time, consider doing aandnbsp;camera drain inspection to see what else may be happening.
  4. Liquid dish soap is your friend.Lemon scented dish washing soap can work wonders on your pipes. It is designed to break down grease and it can do the same thing in your pipes. If the problem is in your toilet, yor can pour some down and then follow it with warm to hot water. You need to make sure the water is not too hot or it can cause your toilet to crack. Plunge as you would normally and repeat until the toilet flushes. You can do something similar on sinks. This can be really great if someone in your home accidentally pours clumping cat litter down the toilet.
  5. Get rid of big clogs.If your pipes have a major clog, you can have a professional come in and use pressurized water through your system. It is crucial that you follow this kind of pipe cleaning with a camera drain inspection to make sure the pressurized water did not do any damage to your system.
  6. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Once a month, pour down a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. For each drain you have, put down one cup of baking soda and then follow with a cup of vinegar. Wait about an hour (during that hour, pour nothing down the drains) and then flush the system with warm water. The baking soda and vinegar so,ution can clean out your system and keep it clear.

Not all sewer replacement can be prevented. If you do need to replace your system, you can look into trenchless drain repair and replacement. This technique was developed about 15 years ago and can save you money in terms of keeping your landscaping intact. While almost 80% of homeowners do not know about this kind of sewer replacement, it is an option.

It is possible to keep your pipes clean and clear without using harsh chemicals. The first step is a camera drain inspection followed by these simple steps.

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