Why Expanding Your Office With Steel Shipping Containers is a Great Idea

Mobile office container

The prospect of uprooting the whole office, complete with office infrastructure, furniture, and computers is an exhausting thing to even think about. But the truth is that sometimes, you just need to have more space to function well as a business.

In fact, in a recent study of 2,400 employees, researchers found that as the number of people working in a single room went up, the number of employees who took sick leave increased. There is no mystery as to why — piling people on top of each other is inhumane, especially when many people work nine or 10 hour days.

Indeed, creative juices also tend to flow more when people are allowed to have their space. Workers in two-person offices tended to take an average of 50% sick leave days than those in single offices.

The solution may come as a surprise to many employers. Indeed, for them it is time to start thinking inside the box — literally. Used shipping containers provide a unique new way to expand office space, without uprooting the office.

As of this moment, about 20 million containers are crossing the world. Many of those containers go out of commission and are great things to use to create addition space in a number of different contexts. Think portable concession stand, custom guest homes and micro homes, and of course, portable office containers.

The benefits don’t stop there — by searching for used storage containers for sale, you are doing a service to the environment by reusing existing products. Also, since they are prefabricated they tend to cost a lot less than either relocating or building a totally new extension.

Used storage containers for sale also offer a unique opportunities for offices because they can be used and repurposed over and over again, by getting custom partitions and shelving installed, as well as hanging decals and painting both the interior and exterior.

Protect your employee’s health, both mental and physical, by giving them a chance to actually stretch their legs and work without being piled on top of each other! References.

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