Basics of Microsoft Sharepoint

If you are looking for secure and reliable access to your files, look no further than Microsoft Sharepoint. In this video, Impreza IT will introduce you to the benefits of choosing Microsoft Sharepoint to make your online experience smooth and easy.

Common problems in the workplace include things like:

– Difficulty accessing files outside of the office

– Complications working with multiple people or organizations outside of your office

– Lack of security protecting the files

Microsoft Sharepoint is the quick and easy solution to all these problems and more.

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Located in the cloud, Microsoft Sharepoint can provide a secure and reliable access point to all of your files and work projects. You will also have plenty of storage to contain your work projects; your Microsoft Office 365 subscription automatically comes with 1,000 GB of storage.

Automatic backups are provided and saved for up to 90 days, protecting your work in the event of accidental deletion. Everything is readily accessible from almost any device to those with permission to access your files. Microsoft Sharepoint makes organizing team projects easy.

If you’d like to know more about how Microsoft Sharepoint can simplify your work, be sure to call Impreza IT today!.

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