Big Change Comes From Small Places The Benefits Of Sharing Your Charity Donation On Social Media

It’s easy to underestimate the influence we have on the world at large.

How often have you looked at social media and thought to yourself, “How can I stand out at all?” From trying to raise awareness for community help to reaching out to individuals in need, becoming demoralized and discouraged is a familiar feeling we all share. The truth of the matter…is that there is a lot of good you can do, even amid all the noise. During the holiday season people are becoming more and more in touch with their generous side, looking to give even as they receive. Your charitable donation can go a lot farther than you realize.

Need a place to start? Just donate clothes to your Purple Heart veterans pick up with these following tips.

Your Clothes Should Be Gently Used

Your closet likely has a few items you no longer wear. Whether they no longer fit or your style has evolved beyond them, it’s time to bag them up and offer them to your local Purple Heart veterans pick up services. Gently used clothes are put up on the rack for a low price, offering people of varying budgets and backgrounds the means to keep their own closets filled. Make sure your clothes are free from tears, burns, stains, holes, and missing parts. While a sweater that’s a little worn-out can be considered, remember these are going to be spruced up and put on display after you donate.

Damaged Clothes Can Still Be Recycled

…that doesn’t mean your damaged pair of jeans and beat-up jacket can’t still be put toward good! Today around 45% of recycled clothing is worn secondhand. What happens to the rest? According to recent data nearly 100% of household textiles and clothing can be recycled without a drop in quality. This is a fantastic way to keep vital materials out of landfills (those of which grow bigger by the day), stimulating the economy and giving the country yet more useful resources to work with.

Charity Foundations Offer Tax Benefits

Did you know you can save money on your taxes when you donate to your nearby Purple Heart veterans pick up? Any charitable donation worth more than $250 (including donations of clothing and household items) just needs a receipt to write off on your taxes. This is a domino effect of leaving a positive impact on your community, providing your economy with essential materials, and cleaning out your home in one go. Even if your schedule is busy you can look into donations that pick up at home. Donation pick up just needs a call and easy-to-follow directions.

Clothing Drop Off Is A Convenient Resource

A busy schedule is no match for pick up clothing donations. Your local Purple Heart veterans pick up will offer you a way to do some good on-the-go. Total giving to charitable donations back in 2014 hit $355 billion, with many families and individuals helping out even during their most cramped schedules. All you have to do is give your charity foundation a call and ask them about their pick up services. Free and convenient, you can free up your time to focus on other things in the middle of helping out.

Share Your Story With Social Media

What’s the last thing you can do to put a proverbial bow on the package? Hop onto your social media account and share what you’ve done with your followers. Use hashtags and retweets to spread the word about charitable giving and create another domino effect. An interesting study found the majority of social media users at 70% would take some kind of action in response to reading a story about donating to charity. Yes, such a small action can have such a big consequence.

You can do a lot to make the world a better place. From assisting children in need of clothing for winter to clearing up the environment, those unwanted clothes in your closet are worth their weight in gold.

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