Comparative Market Analysis for Today’s Homeowner

What is the first thing you do when you decide to put your house on the market? You contact a realtor and then, before you know it, you will enter the world of Comparative Market Analysis.

What is Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA as it is known among today’s realtors? What is Cloud CMA? What is realtor CMA software? Here are a few tips to understanding the world of Comparative Market Analysis as you journey along with your realtor on the voyage of buying and selling a home.

We all like to think–and believe–that our home is very special, and offers more features or has more charm and character than many others we have seen. Perhaps it’s a sense of pride in ownership that we feel; perhaps it is justified. In any case, it is emotional for the homeowner. The realtor cannot afford to give in to emotions. The realtor has to stick to the facts and the numbers and that is where Competitive Market Analysis comes in, playing a decisive and critical role.

Whatever the case, whether you are correct in being so fond of your home or you are way too biased, the hard reality sets in like a bucket of cold water about the value of your home when you decide to sell it. This is a moment of truth, when you see how well you stack up–moneywise–to what’s around you. That’s because your home is not isolated; its value is relative to the value of the holes around it. CMA is an anachronism for Comparative Market Analysis. It is a tool used by realtors which allows them to gauge the value of your property based on the value of homes around it.

Real estate CMA software is available to assist realtors is coming up with the price for your home. Based on “comps”, that is, compared to other homes in your general area. Often, recent assessment values and sales prices are are based on other CMA tools such as the Cloud CMA. All of these tools assist your realtor in productivity.

After all, CMA reports are designed to help the realtor do their job–that is, close on properties and keep their customers satisfied. They want to assist you in getting your home sold and they want you to purchase another one…and live in it, happily ever after.

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