Comparing Piano Companies

The hosts of this video break down their rankings of piano brands into the following categories:

  • Overall Best
  • Best Acoustic
  • Best Digital

Overall Best

There are only two piano companies that these hosts have listed in the overall category. They are:

  • Kawai
  • Yamaha

What qualified these piano companies to rank here is that their array of instrument types — both acoustic, digital, and even hybrid — has a greater range than all others. They also both have options at a multitude of price points. When reading through the other categories, note that both Kawai and Yamaha are considered the best brands in these categories, which is what qualifies them to be Overall Best.

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Best Acoustic

It’s worth noting that many of the piano companies listed in this category actually are sub-brands of other companies. For example, Pearl River manufactures pianos under the name Boston, with the same specifications and construction instructions — these are affiliated piano companies. Some of the piano companies mentioned in the video are:

  • Steinway
  • Pearl River
  • Schimmel
  • Boston
  • Essex
  • Shigeru Kawai

Best Digital

There are only two brands in this category. Because of their trailblazing efforts and rich developmental history, both Roland and Casio are considered the best today.

  • Roland
  • Casio

With so many pianos to choose from, this video offers a great overview of the market.


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