A Day in the Life of a Propane Delivery Company

Working as a Propane Delivery Driver

Have you ever wondered what a Propane Delivery Driver’s typical day looks like?

How do they ensure the safety of propane during transportation?

Propane truck drivers play a vital role in the energy sector. Without their services, energy and propane gas manufacturers would have massive challenges distributing their products. A local propane delivery company serves commercial, agricultural, wholesale, and retail propane consumers. Some sell smaller containers to stores as route deliverers.

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But what exactly is their job?

The Role of a Propane Driver
A propane truck driver operates a truck connected to the propane tank at the back. They supply propane gas to distribution facilities. Besides driving, they may also assist with vehicle maintenance. Proper maintenance and handling during propane transportation are vital to guarantee the safety of the driver and other road users.

Other roles include:

Account for finances and inventory
Maintain delivery records
Engage clients
Answer common queries
Occasionally participate in on-call rotations for emergency deliveries
Some propane drivers go the extra mile and do tank inspections, repairs, and loading.

Employers usually ask propane drivers to work evening and weekend hours during the high-demand season. Typically, the drivers spend most of their time inside a vehicle. In general, they undertake heavy lifting in all weather and temperatures.

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