Concise Over Creative Why Informative Graphic Design Captures Customer’s Attention Every Time

Packaging makes or breaks your business. Don’t think so? Just look at customer reactions to your fruit packaging labels or chocolate candy bags.

Drab or basic logos are skimmed over in favor of interesting designs. Businesses that communicate their eco-friendly intent are far more likely to get customers double-checking than businesses who keep all their details to themselves. Printed vacuum pouches that are modern and sleek will be taken more seriously than designs that look like they belong solely in the late 90’s. Your first impression is often your most powerful, meaning 2018 should be the year you take another look at your visual design and determine which areas you could stand to buff out.

Organic food packaging, chocolate packaging and pet food packaging all have to follow similar rules at the end of the day. Here are five you should make sure you’re not skipping.

Just Because It’s Common Doesn’t Mean You Should Put In Less Effort

The coffee industry has enjoyed steady success for decades now. Iced coffee and cold brew dates all the way back to the 1600’s in Japan and later Algeria. The coffee outlets of the twentieth century first began selling chilled options as early as the 1960’s, soon paving the way for the iced lattes and frappuccinos we know and love. Just because coffee and tea is incredibly popular doesn’t mean you should skate by on the minimum. Customers are more critical than ever because of this common thread and want to know why they should be choosing your business over another.

Splashy And Bold Designs Win Nearly Every Single Time

Not sure whether to be minimal or bombastic? It’s often best to go with the latter. While some brands are able to get away with a simple approach, customers are often drawn to beautiful illustrations and splashy logos. A recent study conducted in 2016 by West Rock Consumer Insights revealed over 65% of consumers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye while browsing. Even more interestingly, another online study found half of all online respondents stating they would return to a business for another purchase based on premium packaging.

Make Sure To Keep Your Labeling Concise And Informative

Graphic design is a careful balance between recognizable color combinations, intelligent placement and quick information. Printed vacuum pouches that don’t get across their intent and most notable feature in three seconds or less aren’t doing their job. Two out of three Americans actively read food labels, even if they’re familiar with the brand, and the average American supermarket holds over 20,000 products. When you have so much competition cluttering up just one shelf, being informative and straight to the point will win you far more points than being the most interesting.

First Impressions Are Stronger Than Second Or Third Impressions

Still not sold on the power of the first impression? It’s time to change your perspective. Psychological studies have determined a first impression can be conducted in three to seven seconds, with much longer-lasting results than second and third impressions no matter how well done they are. An illuminating survey revealed over 85% of shoppers said their purchase decisions are informed by reading a product package. Printed vacuum pouches may seem like a simple detail in our everyday lives, but they leave a major impact.

Lackluster Packaging Is One Of Your Biggest Roadblocks

It’s time to face up to your faults and work on changing them piece-by-piece. Your organic tea packaging or coffee bag packaging could be flying off the shelves if you make just a few tweaks to your strategy. A new logo that stands out from the competition by virtue of design or color could be the missing ingredient. Perhaps your product labels just aren’t basic enough and get lost in too much unnecessary wording that leaves customers bored rather than sucked in. When you combine copywriting with graphic design you’re left with a winning product that will speak for itself.

How could your printed vacuum pouches be improved this year?

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