3 Common Issues with Commercial Flooring

There is something to be said about a comfortable floor in your building, especially if you are going to have to stand for many hours during the day. This has lead more and more businesses to become aware of the type of flooring they are installing. There are four things that keep the commercial flooring business growing and those include it’s resistance to water, how comfortable it is, how easy it is to clean, and how durable it is. Commercial flooring is responsible for about 40% of the growth flooring contractors saw in 2016. Industrial flooring systems must be able to withstand many things if they are going to successfully work. Read below to see some of the most common problems with commercial floors and how to avoid them.


Sometimes there are only certain chemicals that can be used on commercial floors. Using anything other than these chemicals can damage the floor and leave them inoperable. Repairs must then take place in order to keep the damage from becoming even worse. Consider what types of chemicals can be used on your floors and consider posting around the office or warehouse so that others are aware. This can be extremely helpful with spills so that employees and cleaning personnel know what is safe to use and what is not.


Moisture can be a problem if construction of your flooring includes a concrete slab. Moisture from the concrete slab can result in adhesives not properly sticking like they should. Another result from moisture includes expansion of flooring. This can lead to having to remove the flooring, remedy the moisture concern, then reinstall the flooring for the building. This can not only be a headache, but can possibly result in lack of work while the repair process is going on.


The type of work that is going to be performed on your floor is going to be important to consider how long it is going to last. The flooring in the warehouse will obviously be different flooring than what you will find in the office portion. Choosing the wrong type of flooring for the amount or type of traffic that is going to be on it can lead to breakdown and maintenance issues. Consider how heavy the products that are going to be on the floor will be and make sure that the chosen material will be strong enough to handle the load.

Finding the right type of flooring will be beneficial in keeping maintenance and repairs low. Considering all of your options and weighing your pros and cons can help. Determining the appropriate type of material based on how much traffic will help your floors last for many years. Consider your options carefully to make the best choice so that your floors will last for years to come.

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