Essential Scaffolding Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

In the United States, many construction workers die every year while on the job. The main cause of these fatalities is falling. Unfortunately, these falls occur in the split of a second and can be fatal. But these deaths can be prevented by following the recommended safety precautions. Here are safety tips from local scaffold solutions to keep you safe.

1. Make Use of Proper Equipment

The first step is ensuring that your equipment is up-to-date with safety regulations.

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This includes using proper harnesses, ladders, and other tools. If you don’t have these items, ask your employer if you can rent them or buy them yourself.

2. Recognize Your Limits

It’s important to know when it’s time to stop working. Be aware of your physical limits and listen to your body. You should never work longer than eight hours without taking breaks.

3. Maintain Clear Pathways

When working at heights, avoid obstacles such as walls, trees, and power lines. It may seem like a good idea to climb over something, but this could cause an accident. Instead, find another way around it.

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