Five Reasons to Hire Professional Shredders

Professional shredding companies

You want to get rid of all those documents in your office but aren?t sure the best way to go about dealing with document disposal. Whether you need a one time document purge or ongoing paper shredding, here are five reasons you should consider a professional shredding service:

  1. To Avoid Identity Theft One out of every 16 people in the United States was an identity theft victim in 2016, and identify theft incidents jumped a whole 16% from 2015 to 2016. It?s the fastest growing crime in America! While online identify theft gets the attention right now, 90% of identity theft comes from print sources rather than online theft. This means it?s absolutely essential that your one time document purge is done right and doesn?t turn into an ongoing problem that will plague you for months or even years to come. Professional shredding companies are able to completely destroy documents in a way your office shredder can never do.
  2. You Need To Save Time A really careful and correct one time document purge is something that takes time and expertise to do well. Hiring a professional service to do this means you don?t have to take a worker away from his or her job just to keep identities safe or remain in compliance. In the end this can save you money, time, and frustration.
  3. You Have to Follow Guidelines Depending on your business, there may be serious consequences if the precise procedures aren?t followed to get rid of documents safely and completely. You can also run the risk of in-house leaks if you do things yourself. Shredding companies guarantee you?re in compliance with all regulations and follow protocols and do background checks to make sure leaks are not going to be a problem.
  4. You Need To Prepare Any Documents If you?re using an office shredder, you have to take a lot of time preparing documents to go through it. Those shredders are subject to paper jams, and sometimes preliminary procedures have to be done to redact information even before papers are shredded. A document shredding company can take care of all these issues quickly and efficiently.
  5. You Want To Recycle A lot of good document destruction services will not only shred your documents, but take the results of your one time document purge and get it recycled. Not only does this guarantee those documents won?t ever see the light of day again; it?s good for the environment and for your corporate reputation.

Your documents may need to be destroyed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t very valuable. Keep them and yourselves safe, and your company in compliance, by hiring shredding services to make sure everything is securely destroyed.

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