Guide to Choosing and Using an Adjustable Cable Seal

Adjustable cable seals are ideal due to their greater strength. They don’t cut open easily, and can withstand physical impact and extreme temperatures. These cable connectors seals provide a high level of security against tampering. Here’s a guide for choosing and using an adjustable cable seal.

How to Choose

There are a few things to consider when choosing a cable seal. Longer seals with thinner cables can be bent to fit where other hermetic terminal seals can’t go. Heavy cables offer more protection against tampering, but require more space. You may want to consider the application of the seal as well. A hermetic terminal seal can be used in tanks, automotives, control panels, gates, and storage containers. They are able to handle electricity flowing at seven million miles per hour.

When choosing cable seals, choose the right material for the application. Aluminum seals are ideal for resisting corrosion. They’re also useful for laser markings such as barcodes and logotypes. Steel seals are stronger and more durable for laser markings. If using adjustable seals for international shipments, select one that meets current ISO standards.

Proper Use and Handling

No matter what seal you select, proper inspection, control, and record keeping is crucial. The cable must be inserted on the same side into the hole of the cable seal parallel to itself where it’s already attached. Pull the seal tightly when locking the seal. If it’s loose, it can be subject to unwanted manipulation. Cable seals that spread or fray when cut should not be reused. To remove cable seals, use a cable cutter or high quality bypass shear.

If you’re cutting a large number of seals, you may want to use larger cutters to ease the job. You can find these tools through industrial tool supply or electrical supply vendors. After use, crush the body of the seals completely using a hammer. Make sure to destroy any markings.

Adjustable cable seals can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It’s important to choose the right seal for the application and handle them properly. If used correctly, they can provide the ultimate security against tampering and last for years to come.

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