How Business Signs Work as Advertising and Branding Tools

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Business signs serve multiple purposes. They inform consumers and passers-by of the location, they can be used to communicate news and list special deals, and they double as cost-effective advertising tools. New digital signs are even more versatile, as they can carry multiple messages while providing cost-effective advertising. Choosing a new sign can improve customer traffic and revenues noticeably. When picking the location and types of signage for a new sign, a sign repair and installation company is the best guide.

Location signs serve multiple purposes
The primary purpose of commercial signs is to identify the location of a business. And most people do in fact rely on signs to help them find the businesses they are looking for, whether it’s a restaurant, auto repair shop or hair salon. However, signs are versatile things and serve a number of different purposes. They communicate much more than the location of a business. They also speak to its nature and quality.
In fact, people are so accustomed to signs that the absence of one will make them pass by a business. About two thirds or 66% of customers report that they will pass by a business without signage. And conversely, 70% of customers say that the quality of signage tells them a great deal about the quality of the business. A professional sign repair and installation company can offer the best advice on effective design and location.
Signs provide cost-effective advertising
Custom signs with a well-designed logo attract attention and customers. As many as 79% of all customers remember businesses because of their signs. Most people do shop locally, and as many as 85% of a business’ customers live within a five-mile radius. This means that will see the signs each time they pass by. Custom signage is also an advertising and branding tool.
Strategically placed signs can increase the customer base and referrals by as much as 75%. On-site signs can have the same value as taking out 24 full page newspaper ads a year. Going digital is even more effective. Outdoor signs work as low-cost advertising. As many as 83% of businesses that have newly-installed digital signs, see an increase in revenues. Digital signs have the added advantages that they can be updated regularly, and they can carry multiple messages at the same time.

Signs help customers to find the location of a business, and much more. They tell customers about the quality of a business, and double as advertising and branding tools. When it comes to choosing design and location for a new sign, a professional sign repair and installation company is the best source of advice.

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