How do Private Schools Compare to Public Schools?

Parents want what’s best for their children’s education. Does that come with public schools or private schools? KCRA News compares both kinds so that you can decide what’s best for your family.

The main difference between private schools from public schools is the cost.

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Parents not only have to pay tuition fees but may also have to pay for uniforms and transportation if no public bussing is available. Because of the financial hurdles, class sizes are smaller than in public schools. This means teachers can pay more attention to each student. Students also have to follow more rules in private schools than in public schools.

A private school can offer some specifics that public schools cannot. Parents who want their children to focus on getting into college, or having a religious education are better off with private schools.

Do private schools do better at teaching kids? Numerous studies have come out saying that when it comes to learning, there is no difference between private and public schools. What helps children learn the most is when the parents become involved in their children’s education. Kids prefer to go to schools where their friends are, whether public or private.

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