How Does a Segmented Carbon Ring Seal Work?

When you should you use a segmented carbon ring seal? How does a segmented carbon ring seal work? Graphite bushings, high temperature bushings, a labyrinth ring seal, and ptfe composite material all have their place and according to one of the leading mechanical face seal manufacturers choosing the right seal and bushings is essential to your results.

This video will take you through the working parts of a segmented ring seal and explain the benefits that this type of seal has to offer. Watch as the seal is broken down part by part with an explanation of the function of each part. This video is crafted with the user in mind. It makes it easy to understand how the benefits of this type of seal can improve performance.

Watch this video to educate yourself about segmented ring seals and how they work. It is useful information that you can use to make informed decisions about your seal needs and how to best address them. This video offers valuable information that you will be able to apply moving forward.

Watch now and become an expert in ring seals.

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