How to Create a Funeral Planning Checklist

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It is never an easy thing to think about death. Everyone has their own perspective on it, but it can be very common for people to feel uncomfortable discussing or even imagining anything to do with death. On the one hand, this can be viewed as a positive thing, as people are so focused on living a full life that they do not even want to entertain the thought of it ending. But too often those feelings of discomfort are accompanied by fear.

Fearing death does not have to be a reality, but it takes quite a bit of soul searching to reach that point. At the very least, it might be helpful to look at the grand scheme of things and realize that death is indeed, simply a part of life.

Honoring your loved one by letting them go
There are those who fear their own death, certainly. But there are those who are much more affected by the death of a dear friend or family member than they are the idea of their own death. The hardest part of death in general is saying goodbye to a loved one. Even if you have had time to prepare yourself for the loss, as is the case with some illnesses or issues associated with old age, actually living life without that person definitely takes adjusting to.

Grieving is an important part of the process, but at some point, there also needs to be acceptance so that you can move on in a healthy way. It is much easier than it sounds, but it is definitely possible. Just remember that the person who is no longer physically present would want you to be happy and fulfilled. Honor their memory by continuing to live your best life.

Getting through the process of making funeral arrangements
It can be very difficult for many people to think of everything necessary for planning a funeral for a loved one when they are still attempting to process and grieve the death. Many people find it extremely beneficial to create a funeral planning checklist to ensure that things run smoothly during this difficult time. Close friends and family members can help in the planning, but there are other places you can turn to for assistance as well. Leaders in the church or funeral home directors can provide quite a bit of helpful insight and guidance. They will also be able to help you fill out your funeral planning checklist so that all you need to do is refer to it when you are not sure what else needs to be done.

Find your support system during the planning process
It is important that you find a way to properly grieve after the death of a loved one, and that can feel like a difficult thing to do when you have your funeral planning checklist to consult. But that is why it is also important that you surround yourself with family and friends who can help you through the pain. Even strangers can provide support when you do not expect it. About 65% of adults over the age of 40 say that the staff at funeral homes and funeral directors are the best sources for getting information about making funeral arrangements. They would be able to walk you through everything from visitation to cremation services.

One poll showed that the majority of people agree that a funeral service aids in allowing them to pay tribute to their loved one and the life that he or she led before passing. Being able to plan everything that needs to happen, and still feeling that you have had the chance to pay your respects is a great relief.

For some people, the funeral planning checklist has already been written out and prepared by the one who has passed away. About 25% of people have paid in advance for their own funeral, while more than 33% of people have put in at least a bit of planning ahead of time in regard to their own passing. Death is not a light subject to consider, but when you are faced with it in the form of a loved one passing away, it can be reassuring to know that there are resources available to you.

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