How to Sanitize Your Water

Have you ever been out in the wilderness, enjoying the sounds and smells of nature? You go to take a refreshing gulp of water, only to realize that you’re fresh out. If you are in a pinch, there are several simple ways for water sanitizing around you.

Sanitizing your water helps to eliminate and protect against bacteria, parasites, protozoa, dirt, and all of those icky things we don’t want to ingest. There are three CDC-backed simple methods that will aid you in getting clean, usable water.

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Bringing water to a rolling boil allows the water to continuously turn over. This chaotic movement aids in eliminating and killing the toxins in the water. You can also use a two percent iodine tincture, five drops per quart for clear water and up to ten drops per quart for murky or cloudy water. After 30 minutes, your water will be ready to use.

Although this one may sound a bit unbelievable, common household bleach is actually an effective method for water sanitization. Using a bleach with 6% sodium hypochlorite, you can put two drops per US quart in your water, or 8 drops per US gallon. Simply wait 30 minutes, and voila — clean water is yours once more!


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