Increasing School Space Needs? Consider Portable Buildings

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Do you wish that you had more space for your school? Are you running out of classroom space and added more students than you prefer to each classroom? Are you constantly getting requests for club and group space and having to turn them down? Schools are continually looking for increased space. Adding onto a school building is not always an option because a new building can be very expensive. Schools rely on taxpayers to make upgrades and improvements and even if additional space were improved, it would take many years to make the changes. Fortunately, there may be other options available to solve your limited space needs.

Portable buildings are a great option for added storage

Limited space usually means that you are also limited on storage needs. Many clubs, organizations, and even school officials require storage space. Instead of ruining your school budget by paying high storage facility fees, consider portable buildings. These modular buildings are cost efficient and fairly quick to design and build. Nearly 40% of a group of contractors surveyed said that prefab and modular construction is a growing part of their companies as well as their future strategic construction initiatives. Increase your school?s storage, without the high costs of adding a traditional building.

Portable buildings also make great portable classrooms

Limiting student enrollment can also affect the amount of income the school receives. Additionally, shoving extra students into classrooms that are already full can reduce school ratings, also causing a decrease in new residents of the city. With affordable portable buildings, however, you can create additional portable classrooms. These portable buildings can be transformed into buildings that have electricity, air conditioning, and heat. Portable buildings are also much quicker to design, meeting your classroom needs before the new school year begins. With a controlled manufacturing environment, modular construction has fewer weather delays or damage than traditional construction. Projects can be completed 40% faster than regular buildings. With a school portable, you can increase your school ratings by hiring additional teachers and creating smaller class sizes.

Additional group and club meeting spaces

Extra curricular activities are often the first thing that is cut when budgets are reduced. However, they are also the thing that increases school ratings and reduces student trouble. If you are constantly turning down clubs and organizations because of a lack of meeting space, portable buildings might be a good solution. You can usually purchase used buildings for sale or convert a used shipping container into a portable meeting space. Clubs can use these spaces for practices, debates, and club events.

The increase of portable buildings in a school setting

If you opt to utilize portable buildings for your additional space needs, you will find that you are not alone. Almost all (about 99%) of schools have permanent buildings, and about 31% have portable (temporary) buildings. Because the portable buildings are temporary, they can be sold or removed if there is no longer a use for them. The purpose of the building can also be easily converted to meet another need, such as changing from a school classroom to a meeting room, with minor changes.

Schools struggle to meet space demands. Classrooms sizes are larger than recommended and students are forced to stuff into small rooms. School groups and clubs may not have sufficient space for meetings and practices, and these extra circular activities can get cancelled. Increased class sizes, reduced space, and a lack of after school activities will eventually lead to decreased school ratings. With portable buildings, you can create the additional spaces that you need, matching the buildings to the individual need at the time.

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