4 Considerations to Make While Updating Packaging

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The world of retail packaging is one that can move extremely fast. Not only that, customers often make fast decisions while they are inside of a store. Slowing sales could mean that the packaging of your brand is beginning to have less appeal to potential customers. It’s understandable to wonder what strategies to keep in mind when it’s time for a packaging update. Here are four tips to keep in mind when updating product packaging.

  1. It’s Important to Stand Out

    Nearly every retail company creates packaging designed to draw attention. Everything about a package, from its box labels to font size, is evaluated by potential customers in a retail environment. It’s understandable to want your company’s product to stand out from the rest of the competition. Not only that, consumers often make rapid purchasing decisions while in a retail store. It’s imperative that your brand has packaging designed to draw in customers. However, standing out too much can work against a company. Many business owners work with a retail packaging design company when it’s time to update older designs.
  2. Listen to What Customers are Saying

    Many brands maintain social media pages across multiple platforms. Considering that, it’s wise to utilize your company’s social standing to find out what customers want. You’ll want to have someone check out company complaints that have been recently made by customers. In fact, a 2016 study found that only 14% of consumers feel that businesses make an effort to improve packaging to increase customer satisfaction. Listening and making packaging changes based on the average customer’s wants could mean big increases in revenue.
  3. Consider Your Company’s Environmental Footprint

    Statistics show that 52% of those surveyed purchase products, in part, due to how much of an impact a brand has socially and environmentally. Considering that, it makes a lot of sense to consider implementing green packaging for your company. Green packaging is made from more environmentally friendly ingredients versus traditional retail packages. Not only that, many companies proudly display that they utilize green packaging in order to appeal to potential customers.
  4. Contact a Packaging Design Company

    Many business owners can find that employees are understandably hesitant to present critiques about company packaging. In some cases, a business owner must find out what is hurting sales if it means going back to the proverbial drawing board. It’s wise to enlist the help of a company that creates and designs retail packaging. Sometimes, changing up types of packaging is beneficial for a business. For instance, clamshell packaging is often a popular choice for many businesses. Clamshell packaging is a type of package that is made of a blister pack that folds on top of itself.

In closing, there are several important tips to follow when updating packaging designs. Many businesses update their respective packaging through using designs that stand out. You might find it beneficial to see what customers are saying about your company online. In many cases, customers are quick to vent frustrations about a company including how their products are packaged. Updating retail packaging is the perfect time to reduce the environmental footprint of your company. If you’re unable to decide how to update packaging, you’ll want to contact a retail package design business.

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